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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Aug-2011Inertial focusing microfluidics : single cell encapsulation, particle dynamics study, and rapid prototyping techniqueZhang, Xiaoxiao
2007Infant Passenger Restraint Education StudyTessier, Karen
May-2013Infectious clones development and transmission biology of maize chlorotic mottle virusCabanas, Darlene Revilla
May-2013Inflammation and breast cancer prevention by phyllostachys edulis extractHiga, Jason Kenji
May-2014Inflammation associated cancers and potential therapeuticsRose, Aaron Hugh
2008The influence of a Hawaiian seamount on a mesopelagic micronekton communityDe Forest, Lisa Gayle
1994Influence of achievement motivation and prior mathematics achievement on locus of control and mathematics performance as impacted through written instructionsWillis Sanchez, LoriAnn
2004Influence of cultural similarity/dissimilarity and generation on cross-cultural attitude : a study of Japanese and Americans in Tokyo and HonoluluMatsubayashi, Maki
May-2004The Influence Of Electron Degeneracy On The MSW Effect In The SunWrenn, Christopher
Aug-2014The influence of information systems affordances on work practices in high velocity, high reliability organizations : a relational coordination approachSebastian, Ina M.
1976The influence of instructions on relationships between abilities and performance in a concept identification taskNorton, Ruth Elaine
May-2003The influence of learning team participation on four teachers' implementation of writing standards in classroom instructionViggiano, Anna
1994The influence of light on Penaeus vannamei and Penaeus monodon larval production and acclimation to temperature and salinity of postlarval Penaeus vannamei and Penaeus monodonOlin, Paul Gordon
May-2012Influence of Maize mosaic virus and host plant genotypes on the bio-ecology of Peregrinus maidisHigashi, Clesson Haruo Valmoja
1995The influence of microfossil content on the physical properties of calcareous sediments from the Ontong Java PlateauMarsters, Janice Christine
2004The influence of personal and environmental factors on teacher preference for intervention in student altercationsCoffee, Allana Wade
1996The influence of selected factors on the knowledge, perceptions, and academic practices of faculty of schools of public health in China about the increasing sex ratio as a priority social issue : implications for professional educationHoladay, Stephanie D.
1966Influence of soil structure on water retention, water movement and thermodynamic properties of adsorbed waterSharma, Munna Lal
1953The influence of the Hilo Boarding School on agricultural education in the PacificMoe, Kilmer O (Kilmer Oscar), 1882-1949
2008The influence of TUTT cells on tropical cyclone motion in the northwest Pacific OceanPatla, Jason E.