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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004Indigenous resource taboos : a practical approach towards the conservation of commercialized speciesMonson, Clark S.
1992Indigenous Rights: Hawaiians and Maori in the International Political ContextReeves, Jane
1970The indirect assessment of social attitudes using an object arrangement techniqueBrein, Michael
2002Individual and environmental predictors of substance use among at-risk Asian and Pacific Islander adolescent femalesSykora, Charlotte Anne
1970Individual and group risk taking: a cross-cultural studySaville, Margaret Rose
1995Individual autonomy and the familyWalker, Steven R.
1993Individual characteristics, professional preparation, and school context : their effects on beginning teacher successWolcott, Louise Pualani
May-2014Individual differences in first and second language sentence processing : evidence from statistical learningLee, On-Soon
1991Individual differences in the use of CD ROM databasesKamala, T.N.
1989Indonesian interisland shipping : an assessment of the relationship of government policies and quality of shipping servicesPurwaka, Tommy Hendra
1988Indoor spatial monitoring of combustion generated pollutants (TSP, CO, and BaP) by Indian cookstovesMenon, Premlata
May-2013Induced responses to herbivory in the Hawaiian endemic prickly poppy, argemone glauca, and the Mexican poppy, argemone mexicanaHoan, Ryan Paul
1970Inducing achievement behavior through a planned group counseling programTang, Kendel Sunico
1970Induction of alpha-glucosidase in Mycoplasma laidlawii ASlater, Martin L.
1969Induction of catalase in the athiorhodaceaeShanmugam, Keelnatham T.
1989Industrial organization and spatial economic relations between Hong Kong and China : a linkage-interaction approachLeung, Chi Kin
1989Industry decline, out-migration, and community change : a case study of a Japanese coal-mining cityCulter, Suzanne
2002An industry level analysis of causality between export and productivity : the case of KoreaLee, Kang-Jin
Aug-2011Inertial focusing microfluidics : single cell encapsulation, particle dynamics study, and rapid prototyping techniqueZhang, Xiaoxiao
2007Infant Passenger Restraint Education StudyTessier, Karen