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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1993Investigations of asteroid family geologyGranahan, James Charles
Dec-2012Investigations of leptospira in small mammalian host species in the Hawaiian islandsWong, Mayee
Feb-1958Investigations of oxidation-reduction in some silicate systems and its relationship to differentiation and gas contentFujii, Charles
1992Investigations on the nucleic acids coding for the sea anemone toxins, Anthopleurins A and BSorensson, Melinda M.
1992Investment and technical progress in JapanAbe, Kazutomo
2002Investment under uncertainty : application of binomial option analysis to development of geothermal energy in IndonesiaSoerjono Indriyanto, Asclepias Rachmi
May-2007“Invisible Wall”Coy, Steven
1991Involvement of gap junctional communication in the chemopreventive action of retinoids on in vitro carcinogenesisHossain, Mohammad Zahid
Dec-2011Ion channel determinants of cardiac hypertrophy and cardiomyopathyBuckley, Cadie L.
Dec-2010IQ demodulator for DC coupled Doppler radarZhao, Xi
May-2014Iranian American Perceptions of Experienced Prejudice and Discrimination in the Political and Social Context of the United States of AmericaPaige, Shari
Dec-2011Irish American transnational revolutionaries : the Fenian invasion of Canada, 1866Doolin, David Martin
May-2003Is there a problem here? The history of Micronesian immigration and its affect on the experience of Micronesian children in Hawaii's schoolsPaul, Katherine A.
Dec-2011Is there an association between balance confidence and balance performance in community-dwelling older adults?Wooton, Angela Kaye
2008Islam, civil society and democratization : the case of Muhammadiyah and Nahdlatul Ulama in post-Suharto IndonesiaTanthowi, Pramono Ubaid
2012Island Brothers/Island Blood: The Stories of Samoan Vietnam War VeteransAkuna, Peter
2005The island closest to heaven : Japanese encounters with FijiYoung, Nanise J.
2006Island mapping of chloride deposition rateMalalis, Ronald R.
Dec-2010Islands on the edge ? Investigating the geographical underpinnings of crisis discourseDixon, Susan Lois
1980Islands under the influence : Hawaii and two centuries of dependent developmentKent, Noel J.