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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005Lovely in her bonesJackson, Jacob K.
1994Low complexity and high performance coded modulation systemsRajpal, Sandeep
1980Low frequency temperature fluctuations in the upper 400 meters of the Central North PacificKang, Yong Quin
2006Low-cost microstrip line-based ferrite phase shifterHui, William W.G.
2007Low-level thermodynamic, kinematic and reflectivity fields of hurricane Guillermo (1997) during rapid intensificationSitkowski, Matthew
May-2004Low-Level Thermodynamic, Kinematic, And Reflectivity Fields Of Hurricane Bonnie (1998) At LandfallSchneider, Rebecca S.
Aug-2004Low-Profile, Wide-Band Antennas For Wireless CommunicationsBell, Jodie M.
Dec-2003The LOX and LOXL2 amine oxidases in colon and esophageal cancerFong, Sheri Fumiko Tsuda
1985Lung-derived growth factors : possible paracrine effectors of fetal lung developmentMontes, Ana Maria
Aug-2005The Lusus ProtocolMorton, Daniel H.
Dec-2002Machiko: Nogami Yaeko's Perspective on Self-Realization and MarriageHisamoto, Mayumi
2008Macroeconomic aspects of demographic change and intergenerational transfers in ThailandChawla, Amonthep
1983A macroeconomic assessment of the costs of educational policies in Thailand : an elaboration of the Suits-Mason modelNaris Chaiyasoot
1985A macroeconomic model of differential growth effects of national sectoral saving and foreign borrowing : an application to Thai dataKanjanee Kangwanpornsiri
2004Magma degassing during the 1912 eruption of Novarupta, Alaska : textural analyses of pyroclasts representing changes in eruptive intensity and styleAdams, Nancy K.
2008Magmatic processes at the Gala̓pagos 93.25° W overlapping spreading centerRotella, Melissa D.
1965Magnetic surveys over the Hawaiian ridge and their geologic implicationsMalahoff, Alexander, 1939
1976Magnetic variations (2-30 cpd) on Hawaii Island and mantle electrical conductivityKlein, Douglas Pyner
2008Magnetostatics, particle trajectories and the electrodynamics in realization of hybrid undulators for high performance FELs and synchrotron radiation sourcesLobachevskiy, Edgar Y.
2003Mai Home Hawai'i: Hawaiian Daspora and the Return of Hawaiians From the DiasporaLee, Noelani K.