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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Listener-identified phonetic correlates of gay-, lesbian- and straight-sounding speechPiccolo, Fabiana
2011The Lived Experience of Remorse Among Male, Adolescent Offenders: A Phenomenological InquiryWolff, Kathleen
2010The Lived Experience of Seeking Health Care Through Medical Tourism: An Interpretive Phenomenological Study of Alaskan Traveling Internationally for Medical & Dental Care.Eissler, LeeAnn
2005Living the Dance: The March 5th Celebration (with DVD)Kinslow, Aurelia Anastasia
May-2003Load-pull measurement and simulation on indium phosphide heterojunction biopolar transistorsShishido, Reid Tadashi
2004Local and regional influences on arthropod community structure and species composition on Metrosideros polymorpha in the Hawaiian IslandsGruner, Daniel S.
1993Locke in a heathen land : cultural constructions of politics on the Kingdom of Hawaii, 1825-1845Mykkanen, Juri
2004Locus of control, quality and outcomes of care among managed care patients with diabetes in HawaiʻiWaitzfelder, Beth E.
1990Logic and aesthetics in epistemologyPayne, Mildred Rose
2008Long-range detection of sferics over the Pacific Ocean : Thunderstorm characteristics and data assimilation into NWP modelsPessi, Antti
1992Long-term ambient ocean noise, 0.05-30 Hz, from the Wake Island Hydrophone ArrayMcCreery, Charles Stoddard
1987Long-term care institutionalization : an analysis of factors influencing selection by elderly persons and their familiesVarney, Joyce Mitchell
1993Long-term contracts in resource goods trade : three essaysTang, Chuanlong
2004Long-term ecological impacts of dredging on coral reefs in Kaneohe Bay, OahuUchino, Kanako
1993The long-term effects of parental divorce of satisfaction and conflict in adult courtship and marital relationshipsShigezawa, Nadine
2005Long-term prediction of vertical deflections of the North Halawa Valley ViaductHoi, Wa Cham
May-2005Long-Term Strain Protection Of The North Halawa ViaductWang, Shujun
2005A longitudinal study of emotional distress and the use of complementary and alternative medicine in women with breast cancerShumay, Dianne M.
2005"Loosening the seams": minoritarian politics in the age of neoliberalismIshiwata, Eric
1937Louis Becke: a studyIngram, Margaret Anne