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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Life history and feeding ecology of a specialized nudibranch predator (Phyllodesmium poindimiei) with implications for biocontrol of an invasive octocoral (Carijoa riisei) in HawaiʻiWagner, Daniel
May-1989Life History and Populationi Biology of the Colonial Ascidian Diplosoma SimilisStoner, Douglas Steven
1992The life history and reproductive success of the coral blenny, Exallias brevis (Kner, 1868)Carlson, Bruce A.
1986Life history, foraging ecology, and territorial behavior of the Hawaiian butterflyfish, Chaetodon multicinctusTricas, Timothy Carl
Dec-2014Life history, mating behavior, and multiple paternity in Octopus oliveri (Berry, 1914) (Cephalopoda : Octopodidae)Ylitalo-Ward, Heather Anne
2005Life in an aquarium : a collection of short storiesShin, Michelle S.H.
1991Life-cycle analysis of household composition and family consumption behaviorKanel, Nav Raj
2005Lifers and FOBs, rocks and resistance : generation 1.5, identity, and the cultural productions of ESL in a high schoolTalmy, Steven
2005Light attenuation in a nearshore coral reef ecosystemJacobson, Ellen C.
Jun-1968Light, motion, and spaceKlobe, Tom
1995The Lin Biao incident : a study of extra-institutional factors in the Cultural RevolutionQiu, Jin
2007Linear Operators and the Distribution of Zeros of Entire FunctionsPiotrowski, Andrzej
2011Linear preservers and entire functions with restricted zero lociChasse, Matthew Negus
1968Linear programming with iterative modification of the objective function and restraints vectorLarson, Arnold B (Arnold Bendik), 1924-1973; Hogg, H. C (Howard Carl); Hogg, H. C (Howard Carl)
2005Linguistic and graphic manipulation in the miscellaneous forms of traditional Chinese poetryLi, Yanfeng, 1964
1994The linguistic and psycholinguistic nature of kanji : do kanji represent and trigger only meanings?Matsunaga, Sachiko
2004The link between interactions, infrared emission and the transformation of galaxies: a detailed study of a complete sample of luminous infrared galaxiesIshida, Catherine Mie
2008Linkage analysis of the tuft mutationDrumhiller, Wallace C.
Dec-2014Lipid body function as non-classical calcium stores in immunocytesPhan, Nolwenn Kathryn
1966The lipids of Rhodomicrobium vannieliiPark, Chong Eel