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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Aug-2014Good economics or bad context : attaining a balanced perspective on present practices, historical development, and the legacy of outsourcing in the context of globalizationRuikar, Sachin Sitaram
2008Good undergraduate writing in art, biology, and psychology : Implications for assessmentStitt-Bergh, Monica
1990Government trade intervention, thin markets and international price fluctuations : the case of the world rice marketHo, Wai Fun David
2002GPS meteorology and the phenomenology of precipitable waterFoster, James H.
Dec-2011Grafting justice : crime and the politics of punishment in Korea, 1875-1938Sprunger, Michael Lorin
Dec-2014A grammar of Akuntsú, a Tupían languageAragon, Carolina Coelho
Dec-2014A grammar of Baba Malay with sociophonetic considerationsLee, Huiying Nala
Aug-2014A grammar of Irarutu, a language of West Papua, Indonesia, with historical analysisJackson, Jason A. J.
Dec-2013Grammar of Kove : an Austronesian language of the West New Britain province, Papua New GuineaSato, Hiroko
2005Graphic propaganda: Japan's creation of China in the prewar period, 1894-1937Mudd, Scott E.
1974Grassland creation in a montane tropical rainforest and its effects on soil-vegetation nutrient pools and nutrient cycles : a case study in the Gran Pajonal of eastern PeruScott, Geoffrey Arthur James
1956The great deeds of Maui: a play in two actsTopham, Helen Arlington
Dec-2012Green processing of napier grass for generation of biofuel and biobased productsTakara, Devin T.
1976The "Green revolution" and fertility : a case study in two Indian villagesSundaram, Chitra
Dec-2014Greenhouse gas emission balance of biofuel feedstock for potential carbon tradingRay, Whitney Elizabeth
13-Dec-2011Ground radon surveys for geothermal exploration in Hawaii (Masters Thesis)Cox, Malcom E.
Aug-2014A grounded theory study to evaluate the use of community-based technologies to enhance the educational experience for deaf and hard of hearing students in higher educationOmar, Hana Omar S.
2008Groundwater discharge from the leeward half of the Big Island, HawaiʻiJohnson, Adam G.
2007Groundwater modeling for the estimation of the sustainable yield of Iao aquifer, Maui, HawaiiLi, Xiangang
2003Group instruction for students with autism spectrum disorders: implications for professional developmentWells, Jenny C.