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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1972Land, food, and work in three Javanese villagesEdmundson, Wade Cowart
1993Land, state and capital : the political economy of land policies in South KoreaJung, Hee-Nam
May-2013Landscape Discourse and Images of Nature in Japanese Visual Culture of the Late Nineteenth and Early Twentieth CenturiesKane, Andrew
Dec-2014Landscape of retreatClay Reagan, Megdlin Gale
1972A language behavior therapy program for couples seeking a better sexual adjustmentTerpstra, Margery Williams
2011Language Development Curriculum within the Samoan Congregational Churches in the DiasporaAlofaituli, Brian
2005The language of corporate names: historical, social, and linguistic factors in the evolution of technology corporation naming practicesCowan, Barry
Aug-2014Language proficiency as a modulator of the processing of unattended textPeters, Ryan Ernest
1990Language shift : changing patterns of language allegiance in western SeramFlorey, Margaret J.
Aug-2014Language, nation, and empire : the search for common languages during the second world warUtley, James Andrew
2008Large scale Monte Carlo simulation of crossflow membrane filtration for removal of particulate materialsLiu, Yuewei
Dec-2002Large-Scale Beach Change: Kaanapali, Hawai'iEversole, Dolan
1991Larval period and its influence on post-larval life history in the nudibranch Phestilla sibogaeMiller, Stephen E.
2008The last man standing : causes of daimyo survival in sixteenth century JapanBender, John E.
1987Late Miocene hiatuses and related events in the Central Equatorial Pacific : their depositional imprint and paleoceanographic implicationsDorn, Wolfgang Ulrich
1992Late pliocene to quaternary turbidites and productivity fluctuations in the central pacific basin : inducement by sea-level changeLineberger, Patrick H.
1991Latrine promotion in rural Thailand : a study of selected factors influencing community participationChaninat Varothai
1994Lava flow dynamics : clues from fractal analysisBruno, Barbara Cabezal
May-2014Lava--substrate heat transfer : implications for the preservation of volatiles in the lunar regolithRumpf, Mary Elise
Aug-2008Law as a tool of oppression and liberation: institutional histories and perspectives on political independence in Hawaiʻi, Tahiti Nui / French Polynesia and Rapa NuiGonschor, Lorenz R.