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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004The kingdom within the hut : ethical education and story-telling in the YogavāsiṣṭhaGanesathasan, Menaka
1984Kinsmen and voluntary associations in two Ilocano communitiesZialcita, Fernando N.
1985Knowledge utilization for rural development : a comparative study of a government rural health care system and a voluntary health care organization in IndiaPlakkoottam, Joseph Luke
May-2014Korea's royal families : presidential politics and the political economy of chaebŏl reformYork, Robert James
May-2014Korean honorific speech style shift : intra-speaker variables and contextChang, Sumi
1974The Korean journalist : a study of dimensions of roleOh, In-hwan
1972Korean syntax : case markers, delimiters, complementation, and relativizationYang, In-Seok
1992Korean verbal morphology : inflectional affixes are headsLee, Dong-Jae
2005Ku'u Mo'olelo Ke Ahupua'a 'O Kahana Ame Eminent Domain: My Story of the Kahan Ahupua'a and Eminent DomainPatria, Barbara Frances Pregil
May-2014Kukini : the challenges in the design, implementation, and evaluation of a digital records transfer tool for the Hawaii state digital archivesHiraide, Keone Yutaro
Aug-2014Kuleana ʻohana kaiapuni : a story of agency and Hawaiian immersion familiesKukea Shultz, Pohai Liana
Dec-2005Kumu honua…CreationPang, Michael W.H.
1970Kunjen syntax : a generative viewSommer, Bruce Arthur
1974Kusaiean verbal derivation rulesLee, Kee-dong
1990The Kusan people : a systematic cultural historySimpson, Michael W.
2005L2 acquisition of transitivity alternations and of the entailment relations for causatives by Korean speakers of English and English speakers of KoreanKim, Jae Yeon
1988Labor flows and the construction industry : the case of housing development in Bandung, IndonesiaFirman, Tommy
1976The labor supply of Thailand : an empirical analysis of the determinants of participation ratesPaitoonpong, Srawooth
1979Labor supply, demand for children and wage rates of paid employees in ThailandNipon Poapongsakorn
1960Laboratory studies of Cryptotermes brevis (Walker) (Isoptera: Kalotermitidae) with special reference to colony development and behaviorMcMahan, Elizabeth Anne