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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1969Acculturation and personality among Japanese-American college students in HawaiiMeredith, Gerald M.
1956Acculturation of Samoans in the Mormon village of Laie, Territory of HawaiiPierce, Bernard Francis
2005Accuracy assessment of thematic maps of Hawaiʻi coral reef habitats based on image interpretation from three different types of remotely sensed dataSmith, William Randolph
1985The accuracy of time sampling procedures for estimating behavioural frequencyMatthews, Timothy C.
1992Achieving equity in self-selected subsets of test itemsWang, Xiang Bo
2005An acoustic and perceptual investigation of vowel length in Japanese and PohnpeianKozasa, Tomoko
1994Acoustic and visual tracking reveals distribution, song variability and social roles of humpback whales in Hawaiian watersFrankel, Adam S.
Dec-2004Acoustic Technique In The Diagnosis Of Voice DisordersKulinski, Christina
2007Acoustic telemetry of the short-term movements of Octopus cyanea (Gray, 1849) in Kaneohe Bay, HawaiʻiIvey, Gayla L.
2007Acquisition and consolidation of contextual fear conditioning : role of CRF receptor in shock or predator odor induced fearNakashima, Brandy R.
2002Acquisition hierarchy of Korean as a foreign languageHwang, Jiha
Aug-2003The acquisition of English speech rhythm by adult Chinese ESL and EFL learnersHua, Te-fang
1995The acquisition of Wh-questions in English and KoreanKim, Seongchan
1982Acquisition, storage and utilization of nutrients by the embryos and larvae of opisthobranch molluscsKempf, Stephen C.
2005Activated macrophages: implications in HIV-associated disease pathogenesisKillebrew, Deirdre Anne
2008Active vibration suppression and precision pointing for a space-based laser communications smart composite telescopeLeong, Aaron D.
1990Adaptation of Tibetan refugees in Pokhara, Nepal : a study on persistence and changeChhetri, Ram B.
1969Adaptation to visual displacement through a water-air interfaceO'Reilly, Joseph Patrick
1994Adaptive image and video compression using vector quantization and self-organizing neural networksLiu, Hui
2005Adaptive modulation based MIMO systemsGowrishankar, Ramkumar