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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1984Immigration and immigrant settlements : the Chinese in New York CityChow, Chunshing
1967Immobilization and mineralization of nitrogen in Hawaiian soilsAgarwal, Anand Swaroop
1993The impact of a principal preparation program upon the interpersonal communication abilities of aspiring principalsChang, Juvenna Maluhia
Aug-2014The impact of a teacher study group on teacher beliefs about teaching and social mediaGoya, Kelli Kealakeonaona
1994The impact of adolescents' socio-environmental, intrapersonal and interpersonal characteristics, on their reported alcohol and drug use, and school outcomesVoliter, Robert C.
1969The impact of air transportation on ranching decisions in HawaiiJenkins, Gerald Martin
2006Impact of Alien Slugs on Native Plant Seedlings in a Diverse Mesic Forest, O'ahu, Hawai'i, and a Study of Slug Plant Food PreferencesJoe, Stephanie Marie
1994The impact of collective bargaining policy upon faculty participation in University governance : a historical review and commentary on the University of Hawaiʻi experienceKardash, James Daniel
1975Impact of economic growth on the size distribution of income : the postwar experience of JapanWada, Richard Osamu
1987The impact of financial and human resources upon the quality of child care center classrooms in HawaiiMigan, Mary Anne Wickersham
2004Impact of international trade on wage inequality in Japanese manufacturing industriesYamamoto, Takashi, 1965
1996The impact of mammography utilization on breast cancer incidence in HawaiiMaskarinec, Gertraud
1993The impact of oil revenues and government programs on agricultural development in NigeriaIgber, Joe Orban
1995The impact of population change on household investment in education in ThailandSupriya Kuandachakupt
May-2004The Impact Of Remedial Mulch On Phosphorus Absorption In Macadamia Integrifolia.Porter, Guy S.
1995The impact of SAARC on regional integration in South AsiaChristian, Calistus A.
2007Impact of scaffolding on L2 learning in the zone of proximal development : collaborative interaction in a Japanese language classroomHoshi, Saori
1975The impact of the aging of the Japanese population upon government pension schemesOgawa, Naohiro, 1944
May-2003The impact of the horizontal coriolis component on waves in the oceanGuiles, Martin D.
Dec-2014The impact of the student directed transition planning lessons on the self-advocacy and decision making skills of students with disabilities : a mixed methods analysisLewis, Jeanine Carol