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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Fabrication and mechanical analysis of polymer-nanocomposite monofilamentsHashiro, Garret Minoru
2005Face-to-face and online teaching styles : a case study of nine faculty at the University of HawaiiAmundsen, Diana L.
2004Faces of protest : two global movements against the Gulf Wars, a view from JapanBlanco, Sebastian
1975Facial cues, empathy and the theory of social behaviorismCarlson, Gary Edward
Dec-2014Facilitators and barriers to successful breastfeeding among Chuukese mothers who have migrated to GuamWood, Kathryn Mae
Dec-2014Facing the spears of change : the life and legacy of Ioane Kaneiakama Papa ʻĪʻīBrown, Marie Alohalani
1986Factor bias and substitution with emphasis on imported and domestic intermediate goodsLee, Jong Dae
1968Factor-product model for beef - a quadratic programming formulationYeh, Chia-lin Cheng
1974Factors affecting 7S and 17S antibody concentrations and affinities in chickensYamaga, Karen
1988Factors affecting business mortality : a case study of the restaurant industry on Oahu, HawaiiQuanchai Aungtrakul
1979Factors affecting key pecking in response-independent variable-time schedules : implications for theories of the conditioning of this responseBrandon, Susan E.
2008Factors affecting susceptibility to emotional contagion among South Indian Hindus residing in IndiaJeedigunta, Aparajita
1965Factors affecting the latent toxicity of aldrin, DDT, and heptachlor to resistant and susceptible strains of the house flySanchez, Fernando Flores
1993Factors associated with child vaccination status : residential mobility and a mother's employment, knowledge, attitudes, and beliefsHatcher, Penny Ann
Dec-2003Factors influencing algal blooms on tropical reefs with an emphasis on herbivory, nutrients, and invasive speciesSmith, Jennifer E.
2006Factors influencing benthic distributional patterns in a near-pristine coral reef ecosystem : Pearl and Hermes AtollPage, Kimberly N.
Dec-2011Factors influencing novice teacher retention in Hawaii public schoolsHasegawa, Helen Midori
2006Factors Influencing Osteoporosis Preventive Behavior Among HakkaHsieh, Ching-Hsing
1990Factors influencing Taiwan's public senior high school principals' receptivity to educational innovationHsu, Jin-Li Su
May-2003Factors influencing the population dynamics of Meloidogyne konaensis on coffee in HawaiiSerracin, Mario