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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Fear and avoidance of foods in anorexia and bulimia nervosa : a preliminary validation of the food phobia surveyFo, Melody Joy S.
1995The feasibility of a novel method of solution recovery of cobalt-rich ferromanganese crusts from seamountsZaiger, Kimo K.
2006A feasibility study of cardiovascular risk factors in undergraduate female students at the University of Hawaiʻi at ManoaRote, Cindy
Aug-2014Feasibility study on dissimilar materials joint made by friction stir formingLiu, Kaimiao
1993Feeding and growth of prosobranch veligersBell, Janice Lee
1993Feeding ecology of juvenile white shrimp, Penaeus Vannamei, in intensive aquaculture pondsMoss, Shaun M.
2003Feminist consciousness, voice, and empowerment : Women's Studies in HawaiʻiMironesco, Monique
1992The ferric mineralogy of MarsBell, J. F (James Francis)
1976Fertility and fertility limitation in Korean villages : community and individual level effectsHong, Sa-wŏn
2008The fictions of a nation : Race, state, and identity in life writing from MalaysiaMorais, Claire Dawn
1967A field and laboratory study of the storage and preservation of breadfruit as practiced in the South Pacific islandsParker, Robert Davis Rickard
1969A field approach to the study of civil rights protest participation of southern Negro studentsAgbayani, Amefil, 1943
2007Field observations of setup over two fringing reefs : Ipan Reef, Guam and Mokuleʻia Reef, HawaiʻiVetter, Oliver J.
2007Fighting, self-reliance and being the "Bigger Man" : Native Hawaiian and Samoan girls' experiences and perceptions of peer violenceAdler, Corey
1987The Filipino Community of Guam (1945-1975)Campbell, Bruce
1977The Filipino entrepreneurs of Hawaii : an inquiry into their roots and successMagdalena, Federico V.
1995Financial liberalization and its impact on interest rate determination : a case study of ThailandMathinee Subhaswadikul
2005Financial power in the global village: financial globalization and the United StatesKwon, Eundak
1976Financial restriction in Korea, 1965-1974Min, Byoung Kyun
Aug-2014The financial sustainability of Maui's small independent schoolsDemirbag, Jocelyn Romero