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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Dec-2014Hyperbolicity preserving differential operators and classifications of orthogonal multiplier sequencesBates, Robert D.
1975Hypersensitive cell collapse induced in bell pepper (Capsicum annuum) by Pseudomonas phaseolicola and by an endotoxin isolated from the bacteriaCrosthwaite, Leola M.
2005The hypertension and self identity through hoʻoponopono study in HawaiʻiKretzer, Kikikipa
2003I Ka Hana Ka 'Ike: Environmental Field Studies in Hawai'iCrouch, Kerry
2010I Kareran I Palabran Mami-the Journey of Our WordsHoppe-Cruz, Anghet; Borja-Kicho'cho', Kisha
2007I'll remember you : nostalgia and hapa haole music in early twenty-first century HawaiʻiShishikura, Masaya
May-2014I-Rave : digiphrenia's transformation of a cultureHeller, David Francis
Dec-2006Identification and assessment of food waste generators in HawaiʻiOkazaki, Wendy K.
Aug-2014Identification and characterization of f17 : a novel subviral agent that depends on dengue virusKakinami, Cherie Kuulei
1990Identification and characterization of gap junction-associated proteins phosphorylated in RSV-infected fibroblastsCrow, David Scott
2005Identification and characterization of sand deposit distribution on Oahu fringing reefs, HawaiiConger, Christopher L.
Dec-2004Identification And Understanding Of Factors Affecting Performance Of Dairy Cattle In Heat Stress ConditionsKeala, Noniponimo'i
May-2007Identification of a niche market for 3D nanoforest using systematic market research and competitive business analysisGovindaraju, Thanigaiarasu
2006The identification of a suitable irradiation dosage for mutation induction in Zamioculcas zamiifolia (Lodd.) and the polyploidization of Z. zamiifolia and Marsdenia floribundaVanzie-Canton, Susana D.
May-2014Identification of aberrant epigenetic events in MSS/CIMP-negative colon cancerSong, Min-Ae
2006Identification of DNA markers for the homozygous lyretail in swordtail fishNasu, Masaki
Dec-2003Identification of some microorganisms isolated from poi and characterization of the biological properties of one lactic acid bacteriaHe, Lijun
Feb-1958Identification studies of a quinyl-coumarate in the pineapple plant.Sutherland, Graham
2006Identifying disparities in physical activity and body mass index in an understudied group of adolescentsCombs, Jan M.
Aug-2014Identifying virulence factors and regulators contributing to pathogenesis by the select-agent bacterium burkholderia pseudomalleiNorris, Michael Holt