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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006Evidence for locally-derived, ultramafic intracrater materials in Amazonis Planitia, MarsSchneider, Romy D.
1978Evidence for the existence of a prohormone for relaxinKwok, Simon C.M.
1977Evidence for the Origins of the Chamorro People of the Mariana IslandsGraham, Robert B.
May-2013Evidence-based practices in youth mental health : knowledge, attitudes and organizational characteristicsIzmirian, Sonia Christina
2005Evidence-based prescribing patterns for hypertension among insured patients in HawaiʻiKretzer, Kikikipa
Aug-2014The evolution and design of the locomotor system in lizards of the southwest United StatesScales, Jeffrey Aaron
May-2014Evolution and historical biogeography of Pacific Coprosma (Rubiaceae)Cantley, Jason Tyler
May-2012Evolution of a plant-like gene anciently acquired as part of a genomic island in XanthomonasSchneider, Kevin Lee
1987The evolution of cometary activityStorrs, Alexander David
Dec-2003The evolution of competition and cooperation in Fijian prehistory: Archaeological research in the Sigatoka Valley, FijiField, Julie S.
2005Evolution of dynamic volcanic landscapesBailey, John E, 1974
1995The evolution of rotation and activity in young open clusters : the zero-age main sequencePatten, Brian Michael
May-2014The evolution of social hierarchy in Leeward Kohala, island of Hawaiʻi : an evolutionary ecological approachDiNapoli, Robert John
1991Evolution of the Northern Mariana forearc between 19-21⁰ N : petrologic and tectonic evidence for accretion and the formation of a petrologically diverse forearc crustal sectionJohnson, Lynne Ellen
2005The evolution of young clustersDahm, Scott E.
2008An evolving geography of sport : the recruitment and mobility of Samoan college football players 1998-2006Markham, Jesse Wind
Aug-2003The evolving role of the director in Xiqu innovationEvans, Anne Megan
Aug-2014An examination of frameworks and knowledge construction in online communitiesHines, Mark Edward
1969An examination of impulse buying or in-the-store purchase decisions as a consequence of in store merchandising practicesWong, Henry LiNan
1979An examination of recent proposals in the theory of referenceMorelli, R (Ralph)