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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Aug-2014The financial sustainability of Maui's small independent schoolsDemirbag, Jocelyn Romero
1992Finding Victorias/Reading BiographiesFassiotto, Michael E.
2006Finite element analysis design and optimization of an adaptive circular composite panel for vibration suppressionSakagawa, Randy
1992Finite element modeling of nonsymmetrical cable cross-sections considering nonuniform radial loadingsLe, Tung Tuan
2008Finite group graded lie algebraic extensions and trefoil symmetric relativity, standard model, yang mills and gravity theoriesWills, Luis Alberto
1964Fire imagery in Melville's novelsWageman, Jim
Dec-2014Fire summerLam, Thuy Da
1995The firebearerGross, Judith
Dec-2003The first and second language acquisition of negative polarity items in English and KoreanSong, Min Sun
2005First language phonological processes and morphophonological rules in second language acquisition: Korean learners of EnglishPark, In Kyu
1970Fishery ecology of the Pokai artificial reefMcVey, James Paul
May-2005The Five MetaphorsLenz, Heidi Loretta
Dec-2014Flight of the trojan horseForman, Peter Newkom
2007Flirting with faith : a study on trust and faith using genderSmith, Tonia M.L.
1984Flower pigments in yellow denbrobium species and hybridsKanchit Thammasiri
1992Flowering of Heliconia angustaKwon, Eunoh
1992Fluorescent age pigment accumulation as a determinant of chronological age in aquatic organismsHill, Kevin T.
May-2003Fluorescent protein reporter for monitoring transgenic plant cell culturesGuan, Peizhu
1991Fluorinated retinals, schiff bases, protonated chiff bases and rhodopsin analogs : preparation, properties and fluorine-NMR opsin shiftColmenares, Leticia U.
Dec-2003Fly high fall silentlyButler, Jennifer