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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Aug-2012Education as tautology : disparities, preferential policy measures and preparatory programs in Northwest ChinaYamada, Naomi Charity Furnish
2007Education creates unrest' : state schooling and Muslim society in Thailand and the PhilippinesMedrano, Anthony David
1995Education economicus? : issues of nation, knowledge and identity in contemporary JapanThorsten Morimoto, Marie Annette
1936Education in American Samoa with special reference to health problemsMitchell, Donald D. Kilolani
1980The education of a senator : Hiram L. Fong, from 1906 to 1954Chou, Michaelyn P.
May-2014Education reform in Indonesia : limits of neoliberalism in a weak stateMappiasse, Sulaiman
May-2004Educational Outcomes Of Psychiatric Inpatients In A State Hospital Adult Literacy ProgramAsada, Kazuyo
1986Educators' perceptions of the teacher education program goals and the educational needs of the Territory of American SamoaReid, Salu H (Salu Hunkin)
1994The effect of age and gender on the peripheral blood cell response to Escherichia Coli lipopolysaccharide (LPS) in Wistar rats (Rattus Norvegicus)Merritt, Deborah J.
1993The effect of air travel on sleep and seizure frequency for individuals with epilepsyTrevorrow, Tracy
1986The effect of alternate instructional sequences on student imitation of model essay subjectsShimabukuro, James N.
1975The effect of an interpersonal skill training program on affective interpersonal behaviors of student teachersFine, Virginia Owens
Aug-1998Effect of bioaugmentation and diesel fuel type on soil bioremediationChua-Chiaco, Barrie Wu
1992The effect of calcium on papaya fruit softeningQiu, Yunxia
Dec-2003The effect of changes in dietary fat level on body composition, blood metabolites and hormones, rate of passage, and nutrient assimilation efficiency in harbor sealsStanberry, Kathryn
1978The effect of clarity and ambiguity of procedural expectations upon their acquisition : an extension of expectation states theoryJohnson, David B.
1974The effect of cognitive activity on attitude change and attitude stabilityStephenson, Stanley D.
1966The effect of conditioned stimulus intensity in classical conditioning of the common carpWoodard, William Theodore
2008Effect of context on mimicry and emotional contagion : does disliking inhibit mimicry and emotional contagion?Aylward, Alison Gastorf
1991The effect of contingency test instruction on locus of control and person reliabilityYang, Zijin