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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-1955The Development of Kerguelenella stewartiana (Powell) (Gastropoda: Siphonariidae)Knox, G.A.
Oct-1955Distribution of Black-footed Albatross, Diomedea nigripes, off the West Coast of North America, 1949 and 1950McHugh, J.L.
Jan-1955The Evolution of Vermetid GastropodsMorton, J.E.
Oct-1955Feeding Habits of the Sand Crab Hippa pacifica (Dana)Matthews, Donald C.
Jul-1955Fishes Killed by the 1950 Eruption of Mauna Loa III. SternoptychidaeHaig, Janet
Jan-1955Genetics of Flower Color in Asystasia gangetica, Linn.Kamemoto, H.; Storey, W.B.
Jul-1955Geomorphic Contrasts Within the Koolau Range of Oahu, HawaiiPalmer, Harold S.
Apr-1955Howland Island, Its Birds and Rats, as Observed by a Certain Mr. Stetson in 1854Howland, Llewellyn
Apr-1955Identity of Breeding Temperatures in Southern and Northern Hemisphere Species of Mytilus (Lamellibranchia)Allen, F.E.
Oct-1955The Inshore Fish Fauna of Johnston Island, a Central Pacific AtollGosline, William A.
Jul-1955The Land Mollusca of Nissan Island, Solomon IslandsDell, R.K.
Oct-1955The Land Mollusca of the Treasury Islands, Solomon IslandsDell, R.K.
Oct-1955A New Copepod of the Genus Calanus from the Northeastern Pacific with Notes on Calanus tenuicornis DanaBowman, Thomas E.
Jul-1955A New Family of Spiders of the Sub-order HypochilomorphaeForster, R.R.
Oct-1955New Marine Chlorophyta from Southern AustraliaWomersley, HBS
Jan-1955New Zealand Cyrtidae (Diptera) and the Problem of the Pacific Island Fauna.Paramonov, S.J.
Jul-1955North-South Differentiation of Blenniid Fishes in the Central PacificStrasburg, Donald W.
Jul-1955Notes: The Body Temperature of Wild Rattus spp. on the Island of Hawaii-
Apr-1955The Osteology and Relationships of Certain Gobioid Fishes, with Particular Reference to the Genera Kraemeria and MicrodesmusGosline, William A.
Jul-1955Paranesippus incisus n. gen., n. sp., a New Parasitic Copepod of the Family PandaridaeShiino, Sueo M.