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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Oct-195812: Index - Pacific Science-
Jan-195812:1 Table of Contents - Pacific Science-
Apr-195812:2 Table of Contents - Pacific Science-
Jul-195812:3 Table of Contents - Pacific Science-
Oct-195812:4 Table of Contents - Pacific Science-
Jul-1958Barriers to Protect Hilo from Lava FlowsMacDonald, Gordon A.
Jul-1958Calcareous Concretions and Sheets in Soils Near South Point, HawaiiSherman, G.D.; Ikawa, Haruyoshi
Jul-1958Central Pacific Eels of the Genus Uropterygius, with Descriptions of Two New SpeciesGosline, William A.
Jan-1958A Closing, High-speed Plankton Catcher for Use in Vertical and Horizontal TowingBary, B.M.; De Stefano, J.G.; Forsyth, M.; Van Den Kerkhof, J.
Apr-1958Contributions to the Knowledge of the Alpheid Shrimp of the Pacific Ocean: Part III. On a Small Collection from Onotoa, Gilbert IslandsBanner, Albert H.
Jul-1958Culex (Culex) iyengari n. sp., a New Species of Mosquito (Diptera, Culicidae) from the South PacificMattingly, P.F.; Rageau, J.
Apr-1958Distribution and Ecologic Aspects of Central Pacific Salpidae (Tunicata)Yount, James L.
Jan-1958A Fossil Flora from Pagan, Mariana IslandsFosberg, F.R.; Corwin, Gilbert
Jul-1958Further Notes on Felisacus Distant (Heteroptera; Miridae; Bryocorinae)Woodward, T.E.
Jul-1958Hawaiian Helminths 1. Trigonocryptus conus n. gen., n. sp. (Trematoda: Fellodistomidae)Martin, W.E.
Jan-1958Is the Spear of Istiophorid Fishes Used in Feeding?Wisner, Robert L.
Jan-1958Lord Howe Island, a Riddle of the PacificParamonov, S.J.
Jan-1958Magnetic Spherules in Deep-sea DepositsPettersson, Hans; Fredriksson, Kurt
Oct-1958Metamorphosis of the Shell in the California Sea Hare, Aplysia californica CooperWinkler, Lindsay R.
Apr-1958A New Hedyotis from Kauai, Hawaiian IslandsStone, Benjamin C.; Lane, Irwin