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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Oct-1960Observations on the Toxic Sea Anemone, Rhodactis howesii (Coelenterata)Martin, Edgar J.
Jan-1960On the World-wide Dispersal of a Hawaiian Barnacle, Balanus amphitrite hawaiiensis BrochUtinomi, Huzio
Jan-1960Pinnixa darwini, a New Species of Pinnotherid Crustacean from the Galapagos IslandsGarth, John S.
Jul-1960Remarks on the Succession of Bryophytes on Hawaiian Lava FlowsMiller, Harvey A.
Jan-1960Reproduction, Life History, and Larval Ecology of the California Xanthidae, the Pebble CrabsKnudsen, Jens W.
Jul-1960Revision of the Genus Pandanus Stickman: Part 1. Key to the SectionsSt. John, Harold
Jul-1960Second Report on Hawaiian PolycladsHyman, Libbie H.
Oct-1960Spiders from Some Pacific Islands, Part IV: The Cook Islands and NiueMarples, B.J.
Jul-1960Studies on Pacific Ferns Part I. Nomenclature Changes and Distributions of Some Species of Hymenophyllum, Arthropteris, Microlepia, Oleandra, and AdiantumBrownlie, G.
Oct-1960Studies on Pacific Ferns, Part II: Humata and CtenopterisBrownlie, G.
Jan-1960A Survey for Alkaloids in Hawaiian Plants. IISwanholm, Carl E.; St. John, Harold; Scheuer, Paul J.
Apr-1960Taxonomic Notes on the Ants Ponera leae Forel and Ponera norfolkensis (Wheeler) (Hymenoptera-Formicidae)Taylor, R.W.
Apr-1960Three New Species of Zoantharia from CaliforniaCutress, Charles E.; Pequegnat, Willis E.
Jul-1960Two New Species of Candacia (Copepoda: Calanoida) from the Central Pacific, with Notes on Two Other SpeciesGrice, George D.; Jones, Everet C.