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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Oct-1960Hawaiian Helminths, Part III New Opecoelid TrematodesMartin, W.E.
Oct-1960Hawaiian Lava-Flow Fishes, Part IV: Snyderidia canina Gilbert, with Notes on the Osteology of Ophidioid FamiliesGosline, William A.
Jul-1960A History of the Binomial Classification of the Polynesian Native DogLuomala, Katharine
Jan-1960Land Crabs and Fission Products at Eniwetok AtollHeld, Edward E.
Jul-1960Linear Discriminant AnalysisRiffenburgh, Robert H.; Clunies-Ross, Charles W.
Jul-1960Localization and Proof of Chitin in the Opisthobranch Mollusks Aplysia californica Cooper and Bulla gouldiana (Pilsbry), with an Enzymochromatographic Method for Chitin DemonstrationWinkler, Lindsay R.
Jan-1960Lord Howe Island, a Riddle of the Pacific. Part IIParamonov, S.J.
Jan-1960Luminous Organs of the Deep-Sea Squaloid Shark, Centroscyllium ritteri Jordan and FowlerIwai, Tamotsu
Oct-1960Marine Copepods of the Genus Anthessius from the Northeastern Pacific OceanIllg, Paul L.
Jul-1960Mycorrhizal Infection of Germinating Seedlings of Nothofagus solandri var. cliffortioides (Hook f.) PooleArnold, B.C.
Oct-1960A New Hawaiian Engraulid FishStrasburg, Donald W.
Jan-1960A New Hawaiian Percoid Fish, Suttonia lineata, with a Discussion of Its Relationships and a Definition of the Family GrammistidaeGosline, William A.
Jul-1960A New Species of Acanthurus from the Caroline Islands, with Notes on the Systematics of Other Indo-Pacific SurgeonfishesRandall, John E.
Apr-1960Notes on Ecology, Distribution, and Systematics of Pelagic Tunicata from New ZealandBary, B.M.
Apr-1960Notes on the Hawaiian Frigate Mackerel of the Genus AuxisMatsumoto, Walter M.
Oct-1960Notes. Courtship Behavior of the Lined Shore Crab, Pachygrapsus crassipes RandallBovbjerg, Richard V.
Apr-1960Notes: Fatal Shark Attack, Oahu, Hawaii, December 13, 1958Tester, Albert L.
Apr-1960Notes: Introduction of the Marquesan Sardine, Harengula vittata (Cuvier and Valenciennes), to Hawaiian WatersMurphy, Garth I.
Oct-1960Observations on the Toxic Sea Anemone, Rhodactis howesii (Coelenterata)Martin, Edgar J.
Jan-1960On the World-wide Dispersal of a Hawaiian Barnacle, Balanus amphitrite hawaiiensis BrochUtinomi, Huzio