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Title: Postlarval Scombroid Fishes of the Genera Acanthocybium, Nealotus, and Diplospinus from the Central Pacific Ocean 
Author: Strasburg, Donald W.
Date: 1964-04
Publisher: University of Hawai'i Press
Citation: Strasburg DW. 1964. Postlarval scombroid fishes of the genera Acanthocybium, Nealotus, and Diplospinus from the central Pacific Ocean. Pac Sci 18(2): 174-185.
Abstract: Exclusive of the mackerels and tunas, whose
commercial importance has caused them to be
studied extensively, the early life history of
scombroid fishes is poorly known. This is particularly
true of the families Gempylidae and
Trichiuridae, even though they are the bases for
fisheries in Australia , South Africa, Madeira, and
parts of Asia. There is also a paucity of lifehistory
information about the non-schooling
Scombridae. This paper describes young stages of
the scombroid Acanthocybium solandri (Cuvier
and Valenciennes), the gempylid Nealotus tripes
Johnson, and the trichiurid Diplospinus multistriatus
Maul, all three belonging to monotypic
genera. The first has a slight commercial importance (Iversen and Yoshida, 1957:370) , the
others may be considered rare species of no
commercial value.
ISSN: 0030-8870

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