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196115: Index - Pacific Science-
Oct-1961Acanthophora, a Possible Invader of the Marine Flora of HawaiiDoty, Maxwell S.
Oct-1961Revision of the Genus Pandanus Stickman, Part 7 New Pandanus Species from Borneo, Papua, and the Solomon IslandsSt. John, Harold
Oct-1961Revision of the Genus Pandanus Stickman, Part 6 New Pandanus Species from Queensland, AustraliaSt. John, Harold
Oct-196115:4 Table of Contents - Pacific Science-
Oct-1961New Pogonophora from the Eastern Pacific OceanHartman, Olga
Oct-1961The Distribution of Certain Benthonic Algae in Queen Charlotte Strait, British Columbia, in Relation to Some Environmental FactorsScagel, Robert F.
Oct-1961Post-larval Food of the Pelagic Coelenterate, Velella lataBieri, Robert
Oct-1961Notes on Larvae, Juveniles, and Spawning of Bonito (Sarda) from the Eastern Pacific OceanKlawe, W.L.
Oct-1961Description of a New Species of Pranesus (Atherinidae: Pisces) from the Capricorn Group, Great Barrier ReefWoodland, D.J.
Oct-1961Relationships of the Red-backed Voles of JapanJameson, E W Jr.
Oct-1961Two Shark Incidents at Eniwetok Atoll, Marshall IslandsHobson, E.S.; Mautin, F.; Reese, E.S.
Oct-1961Interspecific Differences in the Reaction to Atropine and in the Histology of the Esophagi of the Common California Sea Hares of the Genus AplysiaWinkler, Lindsay R.; Tilton, Bernard E.
Oct-1961Feral Rabbit Populations on Pacific IslandsWatson, J.S.
Oct-1961Pandanus pistillaris in the Caroline Islands: An Example of Long-Range Oceanic DispersalStone, Benjamin C.
Oct-1961The Vegetation of Yanagi Islet, Truk, Caroline IslandsHill, Peter J.R.; Stone, Benjamin C.