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196115: Index - Pacific Science-
Jan-1961A Taxonomic Study of the Indigenous Hawaiian Species of the Genus Hibiscus (Malvaceae)Roe, Margaret J.
Jan-1961An Ecological Perspective of Marcus Island, with Special Reference to Land AnimalsSakagami, Shoichi F.
Jan-1961A Collection of Porifera from Northern New Zealand, with Descriptions of Seventeen New SpeciesBergquist, Patricia R.
Jan-1961The Ascidians of Point Barrow, Alaska, Part I. Suborder Phlebobranchia (Enterogona)Abbott, Donald P.
Jan-1961Effects of Pollution on the Free Amino Acid Content of Two Marine InvertebratesSchafer, Rita D.
Jan-1961Polydora rickettsi, a New Species of Spionid Polychaete from Lower CaliforniaWoodwick, Keith H.
Jan-1961Two New Chaetognaths from the PacificAlvarino, Angeles
Jan-1961A New Opisthobranch Mollusc from HawaiiKay, Alison
Jan-1961Strontium-90 and Gross Beta Activity in the Fat and Nonfat Fractions of the Liver of the Coconut Crab (Birgus latro) Collected at Rongelap Atoll during March 1958Chakravarti, Diptiman; Eisler, Ronald
Jan-196115:1 Table of Contents - Pacific Science-
Jan-1961The Aleyrodidae (Hemiptera-Homoptera) of New CaledoniaDumbleton, L.J.
Jan-1961Studies in the Helminthocladiaceae (Rhodophyta): HelminthocladiaDoty, Maxwell S.; Abbott, Isabella A.
Jan-1961Two New Species of Chaetognatha from the Waters off PeruSund, Paul N.
Jan-1961The Anatomy of Coluber radiatus and Coluber melanurusBergman, RAM
Jan-1961Studies on Pacific Ferns, Part III The Lindsaeoid FernsBrownlie, G.
Apr-1961The Principal Weedy Melastomaceae in HawaiiPlucknett, D.L.; Stone, B.C.
Apr-1961A Contribution to the Biology of the Convict Surgeonfish of the Hawaiian Islands, Acanthurus triostegus sandvicensisRandall, John E.
Apr-1961Some Notes on the Hawaiian Monk SealKing, Judith E.; Harrison, R.J.
Apr-1961Studies of the Biology of Polychoerus carmelensis (Turbellaria: Acoela)Armitage, Kenneth B.