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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jul-1961Feasibility of a Lava-diverting Barrier at Hilo, HawaiiWentworth, C.K.; Powers, H.A.; Eaton, J.P.
Oct-1961Feral Rabbit Populations on Pacific IslandsWatson, J.S.
Jul-1961Fishes Killed by the 1950 Eruption of Mauna Loa, Part V: GonostomatidaeGrey, Marion
Apr-1961Fungi from Raroia in the Tuamotu ArchipelagoCooke, William B.
Jul-1961A Guide to the Literature and Distributions of Pacific Benthic Algae from Alaska to the Galapagos IslandsDawson, E.Y.
Apr-1961Hermaphroditic SkipjackUchida, Richard N.
Oct-1961Interspecific Differences in the Reaction to Atropine and in the Histology of the Esophagi of the Common California Sea Hares of the Genus AplysiaWinkler, Lindsay R.; Tilton, Bernard E.
Apr-1961Leaf and Air Temperature under Hawaii ConditionsNoffsinger, T.L.
Apr-1961Life Cycle of Mesostephanus appendiculatus (Ciurea, 1916) Lutz, 1935 (Trematoda: Cyathocotylidae)Martin, W.E.
Jan-1961A New Opisthobranch Mollusc from HawaiiKay, Alison
Oct-1961New Pogonophora from the Eastern Pacific OceanHartman, Olga
Apr-1961A New Species of Micronereis (Annelida, Polychaeta) from the Marshall IslandsReish, Donald J.
Jul-1961Note. Daylight Surface Occurrence of Myctophid Fishes Off the Coast of Central AmericaAlverson, Franklin G.
Apr-1961Note. The Species Commonality Index: A Method for Comparing Habitats-
Apr-1961Notes on Indo-Pacific Scleractinian Corals, Part 3. A New Reef Coral from New CaledoniaWells, John W.
Oct-1961Notes on Larvae, Juveniles, and Spawning of Bonito (Sarda) from the Eastern Pacific OceanKlawe, W.L.
Jul-1961On Zooplankton of Some Arctic Coastal Lagoons of Northwestern Alaska, with Description of a New Species of EurytemoraJohnson, Martin W.
Oct-1961Pandanus pistillaris in the Caroline Islands: An Example of Long-Range Oceanic DispersalStone, Benjamin C.
Jan-1961Polydora rickettsi, a New Species of Spionid Polychaete from Lower CaliforniaWoodwick, Keith H.
Apr-1961Porifera of Friday Harbor and VicinityDe Laubenfels, M.W.