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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2-Mar-1977SB 476 and SB 477, Relating to Forest and Water Reserve Zones - Statement for Senate Committee on Ecology, Environment and Recreation Public Hearing - 2 March 1977Lamoureux, Charles H.; Cox, Doak C.; Miller, Jacquelin
25-Feb-1987SB 974, To Control the Gorse Infestation on the Islands of Hawaii and Maui - Statement for Senate Committee on Agriculture, Energy, and Ocean Resources Public Hearing - February 25, 1987Mueller-Dombois, Dieter; Smith, Clifford; Miller, Jacquelin
1978The Scientific Significance of Cook's Third VoyageLamoureux, Charles H.
Oct-1949A Second Hawaiian Species of Alectryon (Sapindaceae): Hawaiian Plant Studies 17St. John, Harold; Frederick, Lafayette
Jan-1972Second-progress report and third-year budget, International Biological Program (IBP), Island Ecosystems Stability and Evolution SubprogramMueller-Dombois, Dieter; Berger, Andrew J.; Gressitt, J Linsley
Oct-2000SEM Studies on Vessels in Ferns. 20. Hawaiian HymenophyllaceaeCarlquist, Sherwin; Schneider, Edward L.; Lamoureux, Charles H.
Oct-1974Skottsbergiliana New Genus (Cucurbitaceae) of Hawaii Island Hawaiian Plant Studies 41St. John, Harold
Apr-1967Soil-Vegetation Relationships in Hawaiian KipukasMueller-Dombois, D.; Lamoureux, C.H.
Mar-1973Some aspects of island ecosystems analysis (a preliminary conceptual synthesis)Mueller-Dombois, Dieter
Jun-1980Spatial variation and vegetation dynamics in the coastal lowland ecosystem, Hawaii Volcanoes National parkMue1ler-Dombois, Dieter
Oct-1989Species of Dasyaceae (Rhodophyta) from HawaiiSchlech, Kristen E.; Abbott, Isabella A.
Apr-1970The "Staminodia" of the Genus Schiedea (Caryophyllaceae) and Three New Hawaiian Species. Hawaiian Plant Studies 32St. John, Harold
Jan-1972Strongylodon secundus (Leguminosae), a Melanesian Species Pacific Plant Studies 22St. John, Harold
Jul-1958Structure and Reproduction of Cottoniella hawaiiensis n. sp. (Rhodophyta)Doty, Maxwell S.; Wainwright, M.R.
Jan-1961Studies in the Helminthocladiaceae (Rhodophyta): HelminthocladiaDoty, Maxwell S.; Abbott, Isabella A.
Oct-1964Studies in the Helminthocladiaceae, III LiagoropsisDoty, Maxwell S.; Abbott, Isabella A.
Oct-1950The Subgenera of Dubautia (Compositae): Hawaiian Plant Studies 18St. John, Harold
Oct-1992Symposium on Marine Diversity and Biogeography in the Tropics. Pacific Science Congress, May-June 1991, HonoluluAbbott, Isabella A.
Jul-1954The Taxonomic Position and the Scientific Name of the Big Tree known as Sequoia giganteaSt. John, Harold; Krauss, Robert W.
Mar-1973Third progress report and budget proposal for FY 74 and FY 75Mueller-Dombois, D.; Bridges, K.