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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1922Insects Attacking Ferns in the Hawaiian IslandsSwezey, O.H.
Apr-1947A New Species of Carex (Cyperaceae) from Fiji: Pacific Plant Studies 6St. John, Harold
Apr-1948Report on the Flora of Pingelap Atoll, Caroline Islands, Micronesia, and Observations on the Vocabulary of the Native Inhabitants: Pacific Plant Studies 7St. John, Harold
Jun-1948A New Fern from Rota, Mariana IslandsWagner, W.H. Jr.
Oct-1948Plant Records from the Caroline Islands, Micronesia: Pacific Plant Studies 8St. John, Harold
Oct-1949A Second Hawaiian Species of Alectryon (Sapindaceae): Hawaiian Plant Studies 17St. John, Harold; Frederick, Lafayette
Oct-1950The Subgenera of Dubautia (Compositae): Hawaiian Plant Studies 18St. John, Harold
Jul-1951Plant Records from Aur Atoll and Majuro Atoll, Marshall Islands, Micronesia. Pacific Plant Studies 9St. John, Harold
1952Some Observations on the Fern Weevil (Syagrius fulvitarsis Pascoe) in the Kilauea Volcano Region of Hawaii National Park with Notes on ParasitismDavis, C.J.
Jan-1952Notes on Hawaiian species of Scaevola (Goodeniaceae) Hawaiian Plant Studies 19St. John, Harold
Apr-1952A New Variety of Pandanus and a New Species of Fimbristylis from the Central Pacific Islands. Pacific Plant Studies No. 11St. John, Harold
Jul-1952Monograph of the Genus Isodendrion (Violaceae) Hawaiian Plant Studies 21St. John, Harold
Apr-1953Vernacular Names of the Plants of Bikini, Marshall Islands Pacific Plant Studies 12St. John, Harold; Mason, Leonard E.
Apr-1954Review of Mrs. Sinclair's "Indigenous Flowers of the Hawaiian Islands": Hawaiian Plant Studies 23St. John, Harold
Jul-1954The Taxonomic Position and the Scientific Name of the Big Tree known as Sequoia giganteaSt. John, Harold; Krauss, Robert W.
Jan-1956A Translation of the Keys in the Flora Micronesica (1933) of Ryozo KanehiraSt. John, Harold
Jul-1956Pacific Ferns Described in Nightingale's Oceanic SketchesBallard, Francis
Jul-1958Structure and Reproduction of Cottoniella hawaiiensis n. sp. (Rhodophyta)Doty, Maxwell S.; Wainwright, M.R.
Apr-1959Botanical Novelties on the Island of Niihau, Hawaiian Islands: Hawaiian Plant Studies 25St. John, Harold
Jul-1960Revision of the Genus Pandanus Stickman: Part 1. Key to the SectionsSt. John, Harold