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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Apr-1992F. Raymond Fosberg: An AppreciationMueller-Dombois, Dieter
Jun-1982The fern genus Nephrolepsis in HawaiiLamoureux, Charles H.
Jun-1982The Fern Jungle Exclosure in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park: 13 years without feral pigs in a rain forestHigashino, P.K.; Stone, C.P.
Jul-1984Filamentous Fungal Populations of Hawaiian BeachesDunn, Paul H.; Baker, Gladys E.
Jul-1978The First Collection of Hawaiian Plants by David Nelson in 1779. Hawaiian Plant Studies 55St. John, Harold
1-Apr-1974First progress report: initiation of the work of the unitDoty, M.S.
15-Nov-1963The flora and vegetation of Laysan IslandLamoureux, Charles H.
Oct-1960Flora of Eniwetok AtollSt. John, Harold
Mar-1974Fourth progress report and budget proposal for FY 1975Mueller-Dombois, D.; Bridges, K.
Feb-1974Genecological studies of Hawaiian ferns: reproductive biology of pioneer and non-pioneer species on the island of HawaiiLloyd, Robert M.
Apr-1977The Genus Pittosporum (Pittosporaceae) on Rapa Island and on the Austral Islands, Polynesia Pacific Plant Studies 31St. John, Harold
Oct-1970The Genus Sicyos (Cucurbitaceae) on the Hawaiian Leeward Islands. Hawaiian Plant Studies 35St. John, Harold
1987Geographic and Marine Isolation: An Assessment of the Marine Algae of Easter IslandSantelices, B.; Abbott, I.A.
Apr-1965The Geographical Affinities of the South Pacific Island Fern FlorasBrownlie, G.
Oct-1962Geographical Relationships of New Zealand Fern FloraBrownlie, G.
Oct-1963Gibsmithia hawaiiensis gen. n. et sp. n.Doty, Maxwell S.
Jan-1991Gracilaria mixta, sp. nov. and Other Western Pacific Species of the Genus (Rhodophyta: Gracilariaceae)Abbott, Isabella A.; Junfu, Zhang; Bangmei, Xia
Jul-1981Haleakala National Park Crater District resources basic inventory: ferns and fern alliesHerat, Tissa; Higashino, Paul K.; Smith, Clifford W.
1975Haleakala National Park resources basic inventory, 1975: narrative reportBerger, Andrew J.; Beardsley, John; Burkhart, Robert; Higashino, Paul; Hoe, William J.; Smith, Clifford W.; Smith, H Eddie
Dec-2003Hapu‘u (Hawaiian Tree Fern)Hensley, David; Stibbe, Rhonda; Bezona, Norman; Rauch, Fred