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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Apr-1996Alien Ferns in Hawai'iWilson, Kenneth A.
Jan-1966An Anatomical Study of the Hawaiian Fern Adenophorus sarmentosusWilson, Kenneth A.; Rickson, Fred R.
Jan-1976Biography of David Nelson, and an Account of His Botanizing in HawaiiSt. John, Harold
Apr-1985The biological resource value of native forest in Hawaii with special reference to the tropical lowland rainforest at KalapanaMueller-Dombois, Dieter
14-Nov-1987Biological survey of the proposed access road and Well Site 1Lamoureux, Charles H.; Char, Winona P.; Higashino, Paul; Kjargaard, Maile S.
Feb-1992Botanical inventory of the proposed Ta'u Unit of the National Park of American SamoaWhistler, W Arthur
Apr-1994Botanical Inventory of the Proposed Tutuila and Ofu Units of the National Park of American SamoaWhistler, W Arthur
Apr-1959Botanical Novelties on the Island of Niihau, Hawaiian Islands: Hawaiian Plant Studies 25St. John, Harold
Oct-1979The Botany of Kauai Island, Hawaii, as Seen on Captain Cook's Voyage, 1778St. John, Harold
Oct-1979The Botany of Niihau Island, Hawaii, as Seen on Captian Cook's Voyage, 1778-1779St. John, Harold
Apr-1995Callidictyon abyssorum, gen. et sp. nov. (Rhodophyta), A New Deep-water Net-forming Alga from Hawai'iNorris, James N.; Abbott, Isabella A.; Agegian, Catherine R.
Oct-1972Canavalia kauensis (Leguminosae), a New Species from the Island of Hawaii Hawaiian Plant Studies 39St. John, Harold
Oct-1983Canopy Dieback and Successional Processes in Pacific ForestsMueller-Dombois, Dieter
1-Jun-1976A checklist and status report of the fern and fern allies in Hawaii Volcanoes National ParkHerat, Tissa R.; Herat, Rukmani M.
Oct-1979Classification of Acacia Koa and Relatives (Leguminosae). Hawaiian Plant Studies 93St. John, Harold
Oct-1983Concluding SynthesisMueller-Dombois, Dieter
Aug-2012Conservation of the endangered Hawaiian fern 'ihi'ihilauākea (Marsilea villosa) : a synthesis of experimental restoration, community ecology, and population geneticsChau, Marian Mai-tse
Apr-1976The Correlation of Soil Algae, Airborne Algae, and Fern Spores with Meteorological Conditions on the Island of HawaiiCarson, Johnny L.; Brown, R Malcolm Jr.
Oct-1979Cyrtandra (Gesneriaceae) from Kauai and Maui. Hawaiian Plant Studies 96St. John, Harold
Jul-1968Cyrtandra megistocalyx (Gesneriaceae), a New Species from Oahu, Hawaiian Islands. Hawaiian Plant Studies 28St. John, Harold