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Title: Preliminary Studies of Philippine Eucheuma Species (Rhodophyta) Part 1, Taxonomy and Ecology of Eucheuma arnoldii Weber-van Bosse
Authors: Kraft, G.T.
LC Subject Headings: Eucheuma
Issue Date: Jul-1972
Publisher: University of Hawaii Press
Citation: Kraft GT. 1972. Preliminary studies of Philippine Eucheuma species (Rhodophyta) part 1, taxonomy and ecology of Eucheuma arnoldii Weber-van Bosse. Pac Sci 26(3): 318-334.
Abstract: ABSTRACT: The fleshy, noncalcified, red alga Eucheuma arnoldii Weber-van
Bosse is unique in its often close resemblance to the habits of certain types of
branched coelenterate corals. The present study of the alga in three Philippine
areas attempts to clarify its taxonomic relationships and presents ecological data
dealing with its depth distributions, substrata preferences, standing crops, and
community associations. A new variety, E. arnoldii var. alcyonida, is described, and
the previously described taxa E. cupressoideum Weber-van Bosse and E. cupressoidett1n
var. verticillata Yamada are placed in synonomy with E. arnoldii var.
arnoldii. Possible lines of more detailed, future research on this species are
ISSN: 0030-8870
Appears in Collections:Pacific Science Volume 26, Number 3, 1972

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