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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
198337: Index - Pacific Science-
Oct-198337:4 Table of Contents - Pacific Science-
Oct-1983Armillaria Root Rot in Eucalypt Forests: Aggravated Endemic DiseaseKile, G.A.
Oct-1983Canopy Dieback and Successional Processes in Pacific ForestsMueller-Dombois, Dieter
Oct-1983Canopy Dieback in a New Zealand Mountain Beech ForestSkipworth, J.P.
Oct-1983Climate Analysis in 'Ohi'a Dieback Area on the Island of Hawai'iEvenson, William E.
Oct-1983Concluding SynthesisMueller-Dombois, Dieter
Oct-1983Crown Symptoms of Regrowth DiebackPlazer, C.
Oct-1983Defoliation as a Means of Assessing Browsing Tolerance in Southern Rata (Metrosideros umbellata Cav.)Payton, I.J.
Sep-1983Dieback in New Zealand Nothofagus ForestsWardle, J.A.; Allen, R.B.
Oct-1983Ecological Studies of Hawaiian Metrosideros in a Successional ContextStemmermann, Lani
Oct-1983Forest Instability and Canopy Tree Mortality in Westland, New ZealandStewart, Glenn H.; Veblen, Thomas T.
Oct-1983Introductory StatementMueller-Dombois, Dieter
Oct-1983Nothofagus dieback on Mt. Giluwe, Papua New GuineaArentz, Frans
Oct-1983Nutrient Studies in Relation to Habitat Types and Canopy Dieback in the Montane Rain Forest Ecosystem, Island of Hawai'iBalakrishnan, Nadarajah; Mueller-Dombois, Dieter
Oct-1983'Ohi'a Dieback in Hawai'i: Vegetation Changes in Permanent PlotsJacobi, James D.; Gerrish, Grant; Mueller-Dombois, Dieter
Oct-1983The Possum and Rata-Kamahi Dieback in New Zealand: A ReviewBatcheler, C.L.
Oct-1983Regeneration of Southern Rata (Metrosideros umbellata) and Kamahi (Weinmannia racemosa) in Areas of DiebackAllen, R.B.; Rose, A.B.
Oct-1983Soil Weathering Stage, Vegetation Succession, and Canopy DiebackWalker, J.; Thompson, C.H.; Jehne, W.
Oct-1983Tropical Cyclones: Determinants of Pattern and Structure in New Zealand's Indigenous ForestsShaw, W.B.