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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
31-Jul-2015Castle Memorial Hall - Henry and Dorothy Castle-
13-Aug-54253Celebrating the Past, Leading the Future: The Story of the TIM School, 1966-2006University of Hawaii at Manoa. School of Travel Industry Management
-College of Engineering centennial history, 1908-2008University of Hawaii at Manoa. College of Engineering
31-Jul-2015Cooke Field - Joseph P. Cooke-
31-Jul-2015Crawford Hall - David Livingston Crawford (former UH President)-
31-Jul-2015Dean Hall - Arthur Lyman Dean (former UH President)-
18-Mar-81415The Department of History at the University of HawaiiKwok, Daniel W.Y.
1995Description of Library Departments and Collections and History of University of Hawai'i at Manoa Library Services ProgramEhrhorn, Jean
31-Jul-2015Dole Street - Sanford P. Dole-
31-Jul-2015Earle Ernst Lab Theatre - Earle Ernst-
2-Jul-15759The Early Days of Economics at UH-Manoa, 1907-1962Kamins, Robert
28-Jan-15754Early History of the Department of Geology and GeophysicsMoberly, Ralph
31-Jul-2015Edmondson Hall - Charles Howard Edmondson-
31-Jul-2015Everly Hall - Hubert V. Everly-
31-Jul-2015Frear Hall - Mary Dillingham Frear-
31-Jul-2015Gartley Hall - Alonzo Gartley-
31-Jul-2015George Hall - William H. George-
31-Jul-2015Gilmore Hall - John W. Gilmore (former UH President)-
17-Sep-2012Government Documents and Maps History: Places and PeopleSuzuki, Mabel
31-Jul-2015Hamilton Library - Thomas Hale Hamilton-