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Title: Studies in the Hawaiian Rutaceae, IV. New and Critical Species of Pelea A. Gray 
Author: Stone, Benjamin C.
Date: 1963-10
Publisher: University of Hawai'i Press
Citation: Stone BC. 1963. Studies in the Hawaiian rutaceae, IV. New and critical species of Pelea A. Gray. Pac Sci 17(4): 407-420.
Abstract: The following notes, including descriptions
of four proposed new species, are the partial
outcome of monographic studies of Hawaiian
genera. Pelea is a genus confined to the Hawaiian
and Marquesan archipelagoes, with all but
two of its species endemic to the Hawaiian
Islands. There are-four relatively natural sections
of the genus, characterized primarily by features
of the mature fruits and to a lesser extent by
leaf arrangement. Systematic treatment of section
Pelea, which includes the type species, Pelea
clusiaefolia, is completed. The following notes
apply to sections Apocorpa, Megacarpa, and
Cubicarpa, as defined by the writer (Stone in
Degener, 1962). Related studies have recently
appeared or are now in press (Stone 1962a,
1962b, Stone in Degener, 1962). Casual collecting
of species of Pelea was begun by the author
in 1955; in 1958 and 1959 and summer, 1961,
intensive field and herbarium studies were carried
out. Through the courtesy of the U.S. National
Herbarium, Smithsonian Institution, loans
of historically important collections were obtained,
and I am grateful to Dr. H.R. Fletcher.
of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Edinburgh, Dr.
George Taylor of the Royal Botanic Gardens,
Kew, Dr. J.E. Dandy of the British Museum
(Natural History) , Dr. Alicia Lourteig of the
Museum d'Histoire Naturelle, Paris, Dr. Richard
A. Howard of the Arnold Arboretum of Harvard
University, and Dr. A.J. Eames of Cornell University
for their aid. I am particularly indebted
to the former Director of the Bishop Museum,
Dr. Alexander Spoehr, Botanist Marie C. Neal,
and Curator of Collections E.H. Bryan, Jr., for
their generous assistance.
ISSN: 0030-8870

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