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Title: Notes on the Osteology and Systematic Position of Hypoptychus dybowskii Steindachner and Other Elongate Perciform Fishes 
Author: Gosline, William A.
Date: 1963-01
Publisher: University of Hawai'i Press
Citation: Gosline WA. 1963. Notes on the osteology and systematic position of Hypoptychus dybowskii Steindachner and other elongate perciform fishes. Pac Sci 17(1): 90-101.
Abstract: Longer ago that can gracefully be admitted,
Dr. Paul Kahsbauer of the Vienna Naturhishistorische
Museum was kind enough co send
me a specimen of Hypoptyehus dybowskii from
Steindachner's (1880) original series taken off
"Northern Japan." Steindachner placed this fish
alongside the Ammodytidae, and there has been
a division of opinion ever since as co whether
it should be included in or excluded from that
family (cf, Regan, 1913; Jordan, 1923; Duncker
and Mohr, 1939; Berg, 1940). In order co investigate
its relationships, the Vienna specimen
has been stained and dissected, and its osteology
compared with that of the ammodytids
Bleekeria gilli (Fig. la) and Ammodytes tobianus.
The specimen of Bleekeria is Hawaiian
and was retrieved from tuna spewings. Ammodytes
is represented by two series, sent to
me from the U.S. National Museum and the
Museum of Comparative Zoology through the
courtesy of Dr. L.P. Schultz and Dr. G.W.
Mead, respectively.
ISSN: 0030-8870

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