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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jul-1981Sequential Differentiation of Sexual Behavior in Populations of Drosophila silvestrisKaneshiro, Kenneth Y.; Sato Kurihara, Joyce
Jul-1981Hypereutrophication of an Hawaiian Alpine LakeLaws, Edward A.; Woodcock, Alfred H.
Jul-1981Associations between the Arrow Goby Clevelandia ios (Jordan and Gilbert) and the Ghost Shrimp Callianassa californiensis Dana in Natural and Artificial BurrowsHoffman, Carol J.
Jul-1981A Report on a Nonfatal Shark Attack in the Hawaiian IslandsMartini, F.H.; Welch, K.
Oct-198135:4 Table of Contents - Pacific Science-
Oct-1981Kaneohe Bay Sewage Diversion Experiment: Perspectives on Ecosystem Responses to Nutritional PerturbationSmith, Stephen V.; Kimmerer, William J.; Laws, Edward A.; Brock, Richard E.; Walsh, Ted W.