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Title: SD1-175
Issue Date: 26 Sep 2015
Description: Genre: Medicine/huru. Lunda explained his 'huru matha' (may also be called 'huru widhi' because it uses goat hairs and of the symptoms. And he tells another version that is 'huru widhi', and that uses a lontar doll) for us before noon time 26 Sept 2015. Recorded by SD and Pidu (Ebbe) with an AT Lavelier mic in kampong Sali where we sought 'huru' recordings. *huru matha' is a prohibition-curse to prevent theft from his plantation, corn, cassava, obocawa (pumpkin). He makes a cross of 'hao' bamboo and makes holes in its corners. There he puts red cloth and closes the holes with cotton. He puts goat hairs and five paddy grains in each corner. Then he takes the top end of hao bamboo and sticks it into the centre, and then puts a manggo on that stick. Then he places it and utters a short prayer-curse (caba kora-bhulu wa'o) that tells the 'huru' (ancestors?) to hunt after the thieves. The symtoms that befall the victim are: he will fall like if he caught the "goat disease", with face to the ground. It doesn't take long. Lunda cures with chewed areca nut and piper betel and wetho wa'i (plant), 'moro ae', gamal (B.I.) roots, banyan roots. (Applied on head?) Five tops of long grass ('si'i') are put in the soil and then thrown away. The same thing with paddy grains, five times. With Petrus Hase, who also told his 'huru' and a few family members; Ware, Lunda (another), Bhethu, children Wua, Dhoka, Cawa.
Pages/Duration: 3:47:00
Appears in Collections:Stefan Danerek Collection - Palu'e Audio

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