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Title: SD1-153
Issue Date: 23 Jun 2015
Description: Genre: Medicine/huru. Bernadetta Paji recorded in the morning, 23 June -15, sitting on the 'woga' bamboo plattform of Paji's thatched adat house, with grass ('ci'i') reaching all the way to the woga. We were only the two of us, and a cat that kept miaowing. Outdoors condition: I handheld the Zoom and recorded with the internal microphones. This part of the (one) recording is a 'huru', a disease/symptom and its cure, 'ngiru huru', to cure people with chewed areca nut and piper betel ('ngiru huru'), and other ingredients. This one is 'huru diji' (diji is the suweg plant, I believe, and it is not used, it just names the disease because if you eat diji tuber your mouth will feel itchy). Symptom: itchy and sore mouth, even wound. The cure uses ginger and long grass. Burned black. She uses a coconut shell, to spit in, the chewed areca nut and piper betel masticated mixture, which is then applied with the hand.
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