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Title: SD1-147
Issue Date: 19 Mar 2016
Description: Genre: Medicine/huru. Anastasia Roja, kampong Wolondopho, Edo (Hedho) domain was recorded for a third time (lots to tell, interesting) by SD, with Pidu Sophune (Ebbe) 16 March -16, from late morning until about 4 o'clock in the afternoon. This is 'huru ketho'. ('huru' name of plant). It is not a curse hung in the plantation as a sign/curse, but it can be, using the 'huru lekhe' coconut shell. The symptom 'huru' is stomach ache and even bleeding; intestines damaged. The cure uses 'ketho', twenty leaves from seven branches. Garlic (3 parts) and red onion (3 pieces, the small onion. Later she says 3 white and 4 red. ?)). Cut fine and crush it all with a stone, add kerosene and lime. Then she makes a cross sign on the belly before she applies the mixture onto the belly and the spine, massaging it gently downwards, and on the back upwards from the lower spine ('ngisune'). The recordings were done both on the porch in front of her house with the H4N Zoom and inside with the AT2020 mic placed on a table. This one was recorded inside. Roja's sister and several family members were also present nearby. Portrait in SD1-146.
Pages/Duration: 0:01:24
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