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Title: JB1-002 
Author: Bradshaw, Joel; Bradshaw, Joel
Date: 1976-12-15
Description: Conversation about bullroarer; kids' conversation. Conversation about Bolomana 2.1 Old men talk about the Bullroarer ceremony/ 1-299 Giyasa, Kapu, Malawaku?/ Tape 2/ 15 Dec - 2.2 Kids talking about play/ Tibo(ng) talks about the sago & cet. - Kids' conversation - AseMou, GemeNo?/ Aga Kae (Esta) - Tilbo(ng) etc - Side A only contains 21:30 of recording; side B ends in middle of story

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JB1-002-A.mp3 39.59Mb mp3 audio View/Open
JB1-002-A.wav 712.7Mb WAV audio View/Open
JB1-002-B.mp3 58.19Mb mp3 audio View/Open
JB1-002-B.wav 1.022Gb WAV audio View/Open

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