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Title: Digital Grammars -- Integrating the Wiki/CMS approach with Language Archiving Technology and TEI 
Author: Drude, Sebastian
Date: 2012-10
Publisher: University of Hawai'i Press
Citation: Drude, Sebastian. 2012. Digital Grammars -- Integrating the Wiki/CMS approach with Language Archiving Technology and TEI. In Sebastian Nordoff (ed). 2012. Electronic Grammaticography. 160-178. Honolulu: University of Hawaii Press.
Abstract: Although intrinsically closely related to the new field of language documentation, grammaticography is still mostly oriented to the book model, usually falling short of making use of related digital resources and hypertext functionalities. In this contribution, we show and discuss possible or easily achievable advances that can built on top of existing technology such as Language Archiving Technology as developed at The Language Archive at the MPI-PL: Exemplars and examples can be found in multimedia corpora of natural speech events annotated with ELAN and visualized with ANNEX, words and word forms can be linked to lexical entries in LEXUS online-databases, and the precise meaning of theoretical concepts can be given in ISOcat entries or related terminological databases. Independently from LAT, Wiki-technology provides online collaboration and version control and opens even the possibility to address different audiences in related sets of pages, but also poses challenges for the overall didactic structure of a descriptive work. As one of the formats, at least for export and exchange, the XML-based TEI may provide a suitable framework, although many specialized tags would still have to be introduced and formatting and functionalities for these tags still has to be implemented. Generally, synchronization between different versions (e.g., on-line and off-line) poses the most intriguing difficulties, but the advantages (also in terms of Nordhoff's maxims) of hypertext grammars as proposed here are overwhelming.
Series/Report No.: LD&C Special Publication 04
Sponsorship: National Foreign Language Resource Center
ISBN: 978-0-9856211-1-7

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