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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Apr-2000Floristic and Biogeographical Trends in Seaweed Assemblages from a Subtropical Insular Island Complex in the Gulf of CaliforniaPaul-Chavez, L.; Riosmena-Rodriguez, R.
Apr-2000Prehistoric Giant Swamp Taro (Cyrtosperma chamissonis) from Henderson Island, Southeast PolynesiaHather, Jon G.; Weisler, Marshall I.
Apr-2000Hawaiian Phoronida (Lophophorata) and Their Distribution in the Pacific RegionBailey-Brock, Julie H.; Emig, Christian C.
Apr-2000Ecology and Evolution of Drosophila ambochila, A Rare Picture-Winged Species Endemic to the Wai'anae Range of O'ahu, Hawaiian IslandsKambysellis, M.P.; Craddock, E.M.; Montgomery, S.L.; Kaneshiro, K.Y.; Edwards, K.; Carlson, H.L.
Apr-2000Phylogenetic and Biogeographic Aspects of Sophora Sect. Edwardsia (Papilionaceae)Pena, R.C.; Iturriaga, L.; Montenegro, G.; Cassels, B.K.
Jul-2000Introduction: The Pacific Science Association and the Pacific CircleMacLeod, Roy
Jul-200054:3 Table of Contents - Pacific Science-
Jul-2000A History of Ethnobotany in Remote OceaniaMerlin, Mark D.
Jul-2000Developing a Sense of the Pacific: The 1923 Pan-Pacific Science Congress in AustraliaMacLeod, Roy; Rehbock, Philip F.
Jul-2000American Anthropology in Micronesia, 1941-1997Kiste, Robert C.; Marshall, Mac
Jul-2000Haast and the Moa: Reversing the Tyranny of DistanceBarton, Ruth
Jul-2000Natural History in New Zealand: The Legacy of EuropeAndrews, John
Jul-2000Motives for European Exploration of the Pacific in the Age of the EnlightmentGascoigne, John
Jul-2000Wartime Medical Cooperation across the Pacific: Wilder Penfield and the Anglo-American Medical Missions to the Soviet Union and China, 1943-1944Avery, Donald
Oct-2000A Preliminary Checklist of the Flora of Rotuma with Rotuman NamesMcClatchey, Will; Thaman, Randy; Vodonaivalu, Saula
Oct-200054:4 Table of Contents - Pacific Science-
Oct-2000Stratigraphy and Whole-Rock Amino Acid Geochronology of Key Holocene and Last Interglacial Carbonate Deposits in the Hawaiian IslandsHearty, Paul J.; Kaufman, Darrell S.; Olson, Storrs L.; James, Helen F.
Oct-2000Notes on the Identity of Small, Brown, Unpatterned Indo-Pacific Moray Eels, with Descriptions of Three New Species (Anguilliformes: Muraenidae)Bohlke, Eugenia B.
Oct-2000Notes on Status and Ecology of the Endangered Hawaiian Annual Awiwi, Centaurium sebaeoides (Gentianaceae)Medeiros, Arthur C.; Chimera, Charles G.; Loope, Lloyd L.; Joe, Stephanie M.; Krushelnycky, Paul D.
Oct-2000Occurrence of a Rare Squaloid Shark, Trigonognathus kabeyai, from the Hawaiian IslandsWetherbee, Bradley M.; Kajiura, Stephen M.