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Why Revisit Published Data of an Endangered Language with Native Speakers? An Illustration from Cherokee

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Item Summary

Title: Why Revisit Published Data of an Endangered Language with Native Speakers? An Illustration from Cherokee
Authors: Feeling, Durbin
Armer, Christine
Foster, Charles
Berardo, Marcellino
O'Neill, Sean
Keywords: Cherokee
published data
North Carolina
Issue Date: 01 Jun 2010
Publisher: University of Hawai'i Press
Citation: Feeling, Durbin, Christine Armer, Charles Foster, Marcellino Berardo, & Sean O'Neill. 2010. Why Revisit Published Data of an Endangered Language with Native Speakers? An Illustration from Cherokee. Language Documentation & Conservation 4. 1-21.
Abstract: In this paper we show that much can be gained when speakers of an endangered language team up with linguistic anthropologists to comment on the documentary record of an endangered language. The Cherokee speakers in this study examined published linguistic data of a relatively understudied grammatical construction, Cherokee prepronominals. They commented freely on the form, usage, context, meaning, dialect, and other related aspects of the construction. As a result of this examination, we make the data of Cherokee prepronominals applicable to a wider audience, including other Cherokee speakers, teachers, language learners, and general community members, as well as linguists and anthropologists.
Sponsor: National Foreign Language Resource Center
Pages/Duration: 21 pages
ISSN: 1934-5275
Rights: Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial Share Alike License
Appears in Collections:Volume 04 : Language Documentation & Conservation

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