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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Apr-1991Organizing Pacific Science: Local and International Origins of the Pacific Science AssociationRehbock, Philip F.
Apr-1991Origin, Dispersal Routes, and Geographic Distribution of Rattus exulans, with Special Reference to New ZealandRoberts, Mere
Jan-1991Osmotic Relations of Some Plants of the Northern Marshall IslandsWalker, Richard B.; Gessel, Stanley P.
Jan-1991Population Status and Natural History of Pteropus mariannus on Ulithi Atoll, Caroline IslandsWiles, Gary J.; Engbring, John; Falanruw, Margie V.C.
Jul-1991Preliminary Observations on Effects of Pesticides Carbaryl, Naphthol, and Chlorpyrifos on Planulae of the Hermatypic Coral Pocillopora damicornisAcevedo, Roberto
Jul-1991Reproduction Effort in the Nudibranch Phestilla sibogae: Calorimetric Analysis of Food and EggsHaramaty, Liti
Jan-1991Resurrection of a Kaua'i Stenogyne: S. kealiaeWagner, Warren L.; Weller, Stephen G.
Oct-1991Review of the Tabanidae (Diptera) of Eastern Melanesia and Samoa (Excluding New Caledonia), with Description of Three New Species.Burger, John F.
Oct-1991The Sulawesi Black Racer, Coluber (Ptyas) dipsas, and a Remarkable Ectoparasitic AggregationLazell, James D.; Keirans, James E.; Samuelson, G Allan
Jul-1991Summary of Albert H. and Dora M. Banner's Contributions to the Knowledge of the Family Alpheidae (Decapoda: Caridea)Titgen, Richard H.
Oct-1991A Temporal Sequence (Chronosequence) of Soil Carbon and Nitrogen Development after Phosphate Mining on Nauru IslandManner, Harley; Morrison, R.J.
Jan-1991Variations in Cystocarp Structure in Pterocladia (Gelidiales: Rhodophyta)-
Apr-1991Woody Vegetation on the Raised Coral Limestone of Mangaia, Southern Cook IslandsMerlin, Mark D.