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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
199145: Index - Pacific Science-
Jan-199145:1 Table of Contents - Pacific Science-
Apr-199145:2 Table of Contents - Pacific Science-
Jul-199145:3 Table of Contents - Pacific Science-
Oct-199145:4 Table of Contents - Pacific Science-
Jan-1991Abstracts of Papers. Fifteenth Annual Albert L. Tester Memorial Symposium, 5-6 April 1990-
Apr-1991Additions to the Fish Faunas of Lord Howe, Norfolk, and Kermadec Islands, Southwest Pacific OceanFrancis, Malcolm P.
Jul-1991Behavioral and Ecological Relationships of a Parasite and Its Hosts within a Coral Reef SystemAeby, Greta S.
Jul-1991Bibliography of Albert Henry Banner's Contributions to ScienceTitgen, Richard H.
Jan-1991Biogeographic Relationships of a Rocky Intertidal Fish Assemblage in an Area of Cold Water Upwelling off Baja California, MexicoStepien, Carol A.; Phillips, Hikaru; Adler, Joseph A.; Mangold, Peter J.
Oct-1991Biology of the Shortfinned Eel Anguilla obscura in Lake Te Rotonui, Mitiaro, Cook IslandsJellyman, D.J.
Oct-1991Cyclohelia lamellata, New Genus and Species of Stylasteridae (Cnidaria: Hydrozoa) from the Bering SeaCairns, Stephen D.
Jan-1991Documentation of the Blenniid Fish Parablennius thysanius from the Hawaiian IslandsSpringer, Victor G.
Jul-1991Effects of Nutrient Enrichment and Water Motion on the Coral Pocillopora damicornisStambler, Noga; Popper, Nurit; Dubinsky, Zvy; Stimson, John
Jul-1991Effects of Two Petroleum Products on Pocillopora damicornis PlanulaeTe, Franklyn Tan
Jul-1991Energetics of a Predator-Prey Interaction: Corals and Coral-feeding FishesGochfeld, Deborah J.
Oct-1991Extinct and Extirpated Birds from Aitutaki and Atiu, Southern Cook IslandsSteadman, David W.
Jul-1991Fate of Carbaryl, l-Naphthol, and Atrazine in SeawaterArmbrust, Kevin L.; Crosby, Donald G.
Jul-1991Fate of Model Xenobiotics in Calcareous Marine AlgaeInouye, Laura S.; Crosby, Donald G.
Jan-1991Forest Structure, Composition, and Distribution on a Pacific Island, with Reference to Ecological Release and SpeciationShimizu, Yoshikazu; Tabata, Hideo