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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jul-1991Effects of Two Petroleum Products on Pocillopora damicornis PlanulaeTe, Franklyn Tan
Jul-1991Energetics of a Predator-Prey Interaction: Corals and Coral-feeding FishesGochfeld, Deborah J.
Oct-1991Extinct and Extirpated Birds from Aitutaki and Atiu, Southern Cook IslandsSteadman, David W.
Jul-1991Fate of Carbaryl, l-Naphthol, and Atrazine in SeawaterArmbrust, Kevin L.; Crosby, Donald G.
Jul-1991Fate of Model Xenobiotics in Calcareous Marine AlgaeInouye, Laura S.; Crosby, Donald G.
Jan-1991Forest Structure, Composition, and Distribution on a Pacific Island, with Reference to Ecological Release and SpeciationShimizu, Yoshikazu; Tabata, Hideo
Apr-1991Geographic Survey of Genetic Variation in Kava (Piper methysticum Forst. f. and P. wichmannii C. DC.)Lebot, Vincent; Aradhya, Mallikarjuna K.; Manshardt, Richard M.
Jan-1991Gracilaria mixta, sp. nov. and Other Western Pacific Species of the Genus (Rhodophyta: Gracilariaceae)Abbott, Isabella A.; Junfu, Zhang; Bangmei, Xia
Jul-1991Introduction to Papers Resulting from the 1989 Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology Summer ProgramKinzie III, R.A.
Jul-1991Kinetics of Dark Oxygen Uptake of Pocillopora damicornisNewton, P.A.; Atkinson, M.J.
Apr-1991Microclimatological Investigations in the Tropical Alpine Scrub of Maui, Hawaii: Evidence for a Drought-induced Alpine TimberlineLeuschner, Christoph; Schulte, Michael
Jul-1991Mortality and Settlement Success of Pocillopora damicornis Planula Larvae during Recovery from Low Levels of NickelGoh, Beverly P.L.
Oct-1991Natural Interspecific Hybridization in Gunnera (Gunneraceae) of the Juan Fernandez Islands, ChilePacheco, Patricia; Stuessy, Tod F.; Crawford, Daniel J.
Apr-1991New Records of Fishes from Johnston Atoll, with Notes on BiogeographyKosaki, Randall K.; Pyle, Richard L.; Randall, John E.; Irons, Darby K.
Oct-1991A New Tern (Sterna) Breeding Record for HawaiiConant, Sheila; Clapp, Roger; Hiruki, Lisa; Choy, Barry
Apr-1991Organizing Pacific Science: Local and International Origins of the Pacific Science AssociationRehbock, Philip F.
Apr-1991Origin, Dispersal Routes, and Geographic Distribution of Rattus exulans, with Special Reference to New ZealandRoberts, Mere
Jan-1991Osmotic Relations of Some Plants of the Northern Marshall IslandsWalker, Richard B.; Gessel, Stanley P.
Jan-1991Population Status and Natural History of Pteropus mariannus on Ulithi Atoll, Caroline IslandsWiles, Gary J.; Engbring, John; Falanruw, Margie V.C.
Jul-1991Preliminary Observations on Effects of Pesticides Carbaryl, Naphthol, and Chlorpyrifos on Planulae of the Hermatypic Coral Pocillopora damicornisAcevedo, Roberto