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Jul-1985Distribution of Arsenic in the Sediments and Biota of Hilo Bay, HawaiiHallacher, Leon E.; Kho, Ernest B.; Bernard, Nancy D.; Orcutt, Annie M.; Dudley, Walter C Jr.; Hammond, Thomas M.
Jul-1985The Diatom Flora of a Steam Vent of Kilauea Crater, Island of HawaiiMcMillan, Mischelle; Rushforth, Samuel R.
Jul-1985Additional Chromosome Numbers of Hawaiian Flowering PlantsCarr, Gerald D.
Jul-1985Amphipods of the Family Ampeliscidae (Gammaridea) V. Ampelisca hawaiiensis, new speciesGoeke, Gary D.
Jul-1985First Record of the Labrid Fish Bodianus cylindriatus (Tanaka) from the Hawaiian IslandsRandall, John E.; Chen, Chung-Hui
Jul-1985Rare Earth Elements in Soils from Selected Areas on the Island of HawaiiBarnard, Walther M.; Halbig, Joseph B.
Jul-1985Development of the Seastar, Astropecten gisselbrechti DoderleinKomatsu, Mieko; Nojima, Satoshi
Jul-1985A New Species of Montastrea (Cnidaria, Scleractinia) from the PhilippinesHodgson, Gregor
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