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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
24-Aug-1914Absorption of Fertilizer Salts by Hawaiian SoilsMcGeorge, William
9-Jul-1923The Acid Lime Fruit in HawaiiPope, W.T.
1911The Avocado in HawaiiHiggins, J.E.; Hunn, Chester J.; Holt, Valentine S.
1904The Banana in HawaiiHiggins, J.E.
3-Aug-1915The Biochemical Decomposition of Nitrogenous Substances in SoilsKelley, W.P.
7-May-1917Chemical Studies of the Efficiency of Legumes as Green Manures in HawaiiThompson, Alice R.
May-1934Citrus Culture in HawaiiPope, W.T.
1905Citrus Fruits in HawaiiHiggins, J.E.
Dec-1965Composition of Hawaii FruitsWenkam, Nao S.; Miller, Carey D.
1903Cultivation of sisal in HawaiiConter, Frank E.
Jul-1965Diseases of Papaya (Carica papaya L.) in HawaiiHine, R.B.; Holtzmann, O.V.; Raabe, R.D.
Sep-1935The Edible Passion Fruit in HawaiiPope, W.T.
10-Sep-1912The Effect of Manganese on Pineapple Plants and the Ripening of the Pineapple FruitWilcox, E.V.
Jun-1958Factors Affecting the Growth and Yield of Coffee in Kona, HawaiiBeaumont, J.H.; Fukunaga, E.T.
1946Foods Used by Filipinos in HawaiiMiller, Carey D.; Louis, Lucille; Yanazawa, Kisako
Oct-1945Fruits of Hawaii: Description, Nutritive Value, and UseMiller, Carey D.; Bazore, Katherine
8-Apr-1912The Function and Distribution of Manganese in Plants and SoilsKelley, W.P.
20-Feb-1915Grasses and Forage Plants of HawaiiMcClelland, C.K.
May-1939Grasses of the Hawaiian RangesWhitney, L.D.; Hosaka, E.Y.; Ripperton, J.C.
Jan-1959Growing Macadamia Nuts in HawaiiHamilton, R.A.; Fukunaga, E.T.