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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
24-May-1912Index to Publications of the Hawaii Agricultural Experiment Station, July 1, 1901, to December 31, 1911Longley, A.T.
1911Insects Attacking the Sweet Potato in HawaiiFullaway, David T.
11-Jul-1912Insects Injurious to CornFullaway, David T.
Mar-1944Legumes of the Hawaiian RangesHosaka, E.Y.; Ripperton, J.C.
Sep-1911Leguminous Crops for HawaiiKrauss, F.G.
27-Jul-1917The Litchi in HawaiiHiggins, J.E.
Oct-1929Mango Culture in HawaiiPope, W.T.
1906The Mango in HawaiiHiggins, J.E.
Nov-1933The Manufacture of Poi from Taro in Hawaii: With Special Emphasis upon Its FermentationAllen, O.N.; Allen, Ethel K.
1907Marketing Hawaiian FruitsHiggins, J.E.
1904Mosquitoes in HawaiiVan Dine, D.L.
1-Dec-1913Ornamental Hibiscus in HawaiiWilcox, E.V.; Holt, V.S.
26-Mar-1914The Papaya in HawaiiHiggins, J.E.; Holt, Valentine S.
Jun-1941Papaya Production in the Hawaiian IslandsJones, Winston W.; Storey, W.B.; Parris, G.K.; Holdaway, F.G.
16-Dec-1921The Pigeon Pea (Cajanus indicus): Its Culture and Utilization in HawaiiKrauss, F.G.
Mar-1932The Pigeon Pea (Cajanus indicus); Its Improvement, Culture, and Utilization in HawaiiKrauss, F.G.
Jun-1941Processing and Chemical Investigations of TaroPayne, John H.; Ley, Gaston J.; Akau, George
Jun-1939Processing of the MacadamiaMoltzau, R.H.; Ripperton, J.C.
Apr-1938Production and Marketing of Truck Crops in the Territory of HawaiiMagistad, O.C.; Frazier, T.O.
Jun-1933Range Grasses of HawaiiRipperton, J.C.; Goff, R.A.; Edwards, D.W.; Davis, W.C.