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Jul-1982The Fate of Arginine and Proline Carbon in Squid TissuesMommsen, T.P.; French, C.J.; Emmett, B.; Hochachka, P.W.
Jul-1982A Note on the Structural Organization of the Cardiac Myofiber in Nautilus pompiliusDykens, James A.; Mangum, Charlotte P.; Arnold, John M.
Jul-1982The Properties and Functions of Alanopine Dehydogenase and Octopine Dehydrogenase from the Pedal Retractor Muscle of Strombidae (Class Gastropoda)Baldwin, J.; England, W.R.
Jul-1982The Influence of Symbiotic Dinoflagellates on Respiratory Processes in the Giant Clam Tridacna squamosaMangum, C.P.; Johansen, K.
Jul-1982On the Relationship between P50 and the Mode of Gas Exchange in Tropical CrustaceansMangum, Charlotte P.
Jul-198236:3 Table of Contents - Pacific Science-
Jul-1982Arginine, Glutamate, and Proline as Substrates for Oxidation and for Glycogenesis in Cephalopod TissuesHochachka, P.W.; Fields, JHA
Jul-1982Some Catalytic and Regulatory Properties of Pyruvate Kinase from the Spadix and Retractor Muscles of Nautilus pompiliusFields, Jeremy H.A.
Jul-1982Glucose and Proline Metabolism in NautilusFields, JHA; Hochachka, P.W.
Jul-1982The Biomechanics of the Arteries of Nautilus, Nototodarus, and SepiaGosline, John M.; Shadwick, Robert E.
Jul-1982The Nautilus Siphuncle as an Ion PumpMangum, Charlotte P.; Towle, David W.
Jul-1982Correlations between Enzyme Profiles in Cephalopod Muscle and Swimming BehaviorBaldwin, John
Jul-1982A Cephalopod Approach to Rethinking about the Importance of the Bohr and Haldane EffectsLykkeboe, G.; Johansen, K.
Jul-1982Vascular Resistance in the Isolated Gills of Octopus macropus and Nautilus pompiliusRedmond, James R.; Bourne, George B.
Jul-1982An Immunochemical Study of Structural and Evolutionary Relationships among Molluscan Octopine DehydrogenasesBaldwin, John
Jul-1982Sperm Morphology and Development in Two Acoel Turbellarians from the PhilippinesBoyer, Barbara Conta; Smith, George W.