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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
14-Mar-2009Building online dictionaries for a Taiwanese indigenous language in a collaborative teamRau, Victoria; Yang, Meng-Chien; Dong, Maa-Neu
2007Chapter 11. On Designing the Formosan Multimedia Word Dictionaries by a Participatory ProcessYang, Meng-Chien; Chou, Hsin-Ta; Guo, Huey-Shiuan; Chen, Gia-Pyng
2007Chapter 7. E-learning in Endangered Language Documentation and RevitalizationRau, D. Victoria; Yang, Meng-Chien
2009Online Dictionary and Ontology Building for Austronesian Languages in TaiwanRau, D. Victoria; Yang, Meng-Chien; Chang, Hui-Huan Ann; Dong, Maa-Neu