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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
23-Sep-201507 - Minipresentations on current citation practices in journals and subfieldsAmeka, Felix; Rice, Keren; Thieberger, Nicholas; Dubinsky, Stanley; Legate, Julie Anne
Dec-2011Documentary Linguistics and Community RelationsRice, Keren
Dec-2014IntroductionNakayama, Toshihide; Rice, Keren
Sep-2014Language Documentation in the AmericasFranchetto, Bruna; Rice, Keren
Dec-2014On beginning the study of the tone system of a Dene (Athabaskan) language: Looking backRice, Keren
17-Dec-2007Review of When Languages DieRice, Keren
Dec-2014Sounds in grammar writingRice, Keren
30-Sep-2011Strategies for moving ahead: Linguistics and community goalsRice, Keren
14-Mar-2009The Toronto Esan Grammar ProjectRice, Keren; Rolle, Nicholas; Iyioha, Ireh; Koren, Annat