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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
17-Dec-2007Review of A Hausa-English DictionaryLeben, William R.
Dec-2008Review of An Introduction to Contact LinguisticsFox, Sue
17-Dec-2007Review of Audiamus 2.3Brotchie, Amanda
Jun-2009Review of Catching language: The standing challenge of grammar writingTerrill, Angela
Dec-2008Review of Emdros: The Database Engine for Analyzed or Annotated TextLowery, Kirk E.
Dec-2008Review of Essentials of Language DocumentationEvans, Nicholas
17-Dec-2007Review of EUDICO Linguistic Annotator (ELAN)Berez, Andrea L.
Jun-2009Review of Final Cut ProMeakins, Felicity
17-Dec-2007Review of FontographerKalish, Mia
17-Dec-2007Review of LexiqueProGuérin, Valérie; Lacrampe, Sébastien
Dec-2008Review of Phonology Assistant 3.0.1Dingemanse, Mark
Dec-2013Review of Takuu grammar and dictionary: A Polynesian language of the South PacificDonner, William W.
17-Dec-2007Review of When Languages DieRice, Keren